can you use mascara on your eyebrows?

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Trying out beauty hacks you see online may be fun and exciting. 

This is especially true when it comes to looking for alternatives for eyebrow makeup. 

Most women use eyebrow pencils and or brow gels and wax to do their arches. But, if you are like me, you might also get curious if you can use mascara on your eyebrows. 

You can actually use mascara on your eyebrows. In fact, this unconventional practice is becoming a popular trend among women. 

Let’s find out why this method is gaining more and more attention.

is putting mascara on your eyebrows bad?

Applying mascara on your eyebrows isn’t bad. 

In fact, it’s great, especially if you are looking for a perfect hack to achieve fuller, thicker eyebrows.

what happens if you put mascara on your eyebrows?

Like eyebrow gel, mascara helps hold your eyebrow hairs in place. With this, you can effortlessly achieve bushy brows.

Applying mascara on your eyebrows also helps you create a darker and more dramatic eyebrow makeup look. 

So, if you are a fan of bold looks, using mascara on your brows is perfect for you. 

Mascara on eyebrows also helps benefit those who are after natural or no-makeup looks. 

This is especially true if you use clear or light-colored lash mascara products on your lashes.

does mascara ruin your eyebrows?

The ingredients used in lash mascara have been tried and tested, so it will not ruin your eyebrows. 

Mascara can even give you fuller, healthier eyebrows, especially with prolonged use because it’s what it does to your lashes.

Keep in mind that mascara is often used on lashes. 

This means it’s safe and pose no dangers on your hair or skin. So, there is nothing wrong if you ever decide to use it on your eyebrows. 

However, you still need to perform a patch test so you can ensure you don’t have allergic reactions to the lash mascara that you want to use on your eyebrows.

can mascara stain your eyebrows?

Lash mascara can effectively stain your eyebrows. 

This means that using mascara can effectively help darken the colors of your eyebrows.  

However, you need to understand that the stain or tint is only temporary. 

This means that even if you use mascara on your eyebrows every day, it wouldn’t leave a permanent stain.

why use mascara on eyebrows?

Using mascara helps you achieve beautifully tinted 3D brows of your dreams. 

It looks more natural compared to eyebrow gels and pencils because you only color the hairs and not the skin.

Aside from this, using lash mascara on your eyebrows can help you attain healthier-looking brows. 

This is especially true if you use a product with lengthening ingredients. 

This includes aloe vera, jojoba oil, castor oil, etc.

how to use mascara on your eyebrows

You can apply mascara on your eyebrows if you are craving darker, fuller, well-defined brows. 

You can also use it to simply enhance the natural features of your brows. 

Here are some tricks for using mascara on your eyebrows: 

Use dark-colored mascara to give your brows a natural boost

Apply black-brown, dark gray, and other dark-colored mascara to make your eyebrows look fuller and thicker. 

Dark-colored mascara can help you rock a bold, dramatic look while making you look young and confident.

Apply a clear or colorless mascara for defined yet natural-looking eyebrows

If you have thick and dark eyebrows, you can opt for a clear or colorless mascara. 

Clear mascara helps hold the hairs on your brows together without making them look too bold. 

Pick a soft-colored mascara for a more subtle makeup look

You can also opt for a softer look by picking light-colored mascara. 

You can apply brown mascara or choose a shade close to your hair color. 

This helps you achieve a no-makeup look.

how to apply mascara on your eyebrows

To help you achieve gorgeous brows, you can follow these simple steps: 

Dab a small amount of mascara. 

Make sure to get a small amount to avoid applying too much product to your eyebrows. 

If you accidentally placed lots of products on the brush, swipe it off on the container. 

Using a lash brush, swipe the product once for a natural look.

Apply your mascara to your eyebrows with a single swipe. You can just spread it to the rest of your brows using a spoolie.

Follow the directions of your hair growth to define your brows.

When applying, swipe the mascara by following the directions of your hair growth. This helps define your brows without making it look too dark and heavy.

Brush more product opposite the direction of hair growth for added volume.

If you have thin eyebrows, you can apply more mascara opposite the direction of your hair growth. 

This helps create the illusion that you have fuller, bushier eyebrows.

Comb your brows using a clean spoolie to clean and finish the eyebrow makeup.

To remove excess product and also finish your makeup, comb your brows with a clean spoolie. 

Ensure it’s dry, so you don’t accidentally ruin your eyebrow makeup when you brush it.

Use a brow pencil to fill in gaps.

If you see there are still gaps on your eyebrows, you can fill it in using a brow pencil. This helps provide you with a gorgeous and flawless makeup finish.

Comb your brows with a spoolie to get rid of clumps or smudges.

To finish the application process, comb your brows again using a clean and dry spoolie. This helps ensure there are no clumps and smudges on your eyebrows.

how to get mascara out of your eyebrows

You can quickly remove mascara from your eyebrows with the following steps: 

Using a makeup remover

Grab a cotton pad and soak it with a makeup remover. 

Swipe it on your brows. 

Make sure to be gentle to avoid unnecessary rubbing, which may pull out hairs from your brows.

Washing your face with your favorite cleanser

You can also go straight to washing your face with a gentle cleanser. 

Focus on your brows when cleansing so you can get rid of any product left in it.

Using oil to remove the product from your brows

If you don’t have time to wash your face, you can also use oils such as coconut oil, castor oil or jojoba oil. 

These can easily get rid of mascara from your eyebrows.


There are various makeup hacks you can try to achieve gorgeous eyebrows. 

One of them includes using mascara on your arches. 

You can choose to use clear, light-colored, or dark-colored mascara to achieve the makeup look that you want. 

The key is to follow practical tricks in using and applying mascara on your brows. 

Don’t be afraid of experimenting when it comes to using alternative makeup products for your eyebrows. 

Try to apply mascara and see how it can change your entire look.