Can You Put Mascara on Lash Extensions?

Applying Mascara to eyelash extension
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Getting lash extensions helps you save time and effort in completing your makeup routine. 

You can even skip applying some cosmetic products to your eyes if you decide to get this treatment.

But what if you want to add to it? You got lash extensions but you feel it isn’t enough or you simply love adding mascara.

You can still choose to put mascara on if you have classic lash extensions. Putting mascara on volume or hybrid lash extensions would cause them to become too heavy which could result in damage to your real lashes.

Even with classics, knowing the pros and cons is key.     

This is especially important if you want to continue using your favorite mascara after getting the treatment.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Should You Put Mascara on Lash Extensions?

Applying mascara after getting eyelash extensions is redundant and counterproductive.

The treatment is supposed to help you effortlessly enhance your lashes without applying more products to them.

However, some women still wonder whether they can still apply products to their lashes after the treatment.

Of course, you can still apply mascara on lash extensions. 

However, doing so is only optional. 

Also, if you ever decide to proceed with this idea, you need to ensure that you only requested classic or natural-looking lash extensions.. If not, you might need to ditch this idea. 

What Happens When You Put Mascara on Lash Extensions?

Applying mascara is a quick way to darken, volumize, and define your lashes. 

It’s an effective way to improve the appearance of both your upper and lower lashes. 

If you opted for a classic style lash extension, applying mascara will enhance it more. This means that your lashes will look more glamorous and more dramatic. 

Pros and Cons of Mascara on Lash Extensions

If you are already rocking a classic eyelash extension, you might want to ditch applying mascara. 

Your lashes already look fabulous without it. 

However, if you still want to try and apply mascara while wearing lash extensions, you need to take note of a few things first.

Pros of Mascara on Lash Extensions

Have thicker, bolder-looking lashes

Applying mascara on your lash extensions can help you achieve thicker and bolder-looking eyelashes. 

Indeed your lash extensions already provide remarkable enhancements to your lashes. But, if you put mascara on it, you can create a more dramatic look with it.

Rock bright and colorful eyelashes

If you want to rock bright and colorful eye makeup, applying mascara can also do the trick. 

Opting for a mascara with vibrant colors can help you achieve unique makeup finishes.

Help your lashes appear longer

Applying mascara can also help your lashes appear longer. 

If you use lash-lengthening mascara on your lash extensions, you can greatly improve the appearance of your lashes.

Promote healthy eyelash growth

Lash extensions are artificial, so you can’t expect them to grow longer. But, applying mascara can promote the growth of your natural lashes. 

Cons of mascara on lash extensions

May lead to fallouts

If you use volumizing mascara on your lash extensions, it may lead to fallouts. 

Oils on mascara can damage the adhesive or the glue that bonds your extensions to your real lashes. 

With this, you might observe premature fallouts. 

May ruin your lash shape

Some mascara may be too heavy on your lashes and may lead to droopiness. 

This may ruin your eyelash shape, making it look unflattering.

Might make your lashes look fake

Women usually get eyelash extensions to ensure they can enhance their lashes without making it look fake. 

However, if you put mascara on your lash extensions, this may make your lashes look too fake. 

This is especially true if you opted for full or dramatic lash extensions.

What Mascara is Best for Lash Extensions

Whether you opted for a classic, natural-looking, or a full and dramatic lash extension treatment, using a water-based mascara is the best option for you. 

Water-based mascara is the safest choice if you want to keep applying mascara after getting lash extensions. 

This helps ensure you don’t need to worry about damaging your fake and natural lashes.. 

This type of mascara doesn’t have oils or waxy ingredients, which can damage your lash extensions.

Worst Mascara for Lash Extensions

If you want to keep your gorgeous lash extensions, you need to do your best to stay away from the following:

Oil-based Mascara

You might unintentionally remove the glue used to stick your lash extensions on your lids if you use oil-based mascara.

To be safe, check the ingredients of your mascara. 

Avoid products with castor oil, beeswax, mineral oil, and other oils and wax ingredients.

Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara may be a game-changer for those who want to have fuller, ultra-thick lashes for hours. 

However, if you are wearing lash extensions, you need to stay away from this product. 

You will have a hard time removing waterproof mascara. 

If you insist on wearing them, you might only end up damaging your lash extensions. 

Removing waterproof mascara requires you to use oil-based makeup removers. 

You also need a powerful cleanser to get rid of all the products. 

While you remove waterproof mascara, you will have the tendency to damage the lashes glued on your lids. 

This may lead to fallouts. 

Tube Mascara

Tube mascara is also part of the must-avoid list when you get eyelash extensions. 

This product strongly clings to your lashes, making them hard to remove. 

Like waterproof mascara, you need to stay away from this for the time being.

Fiber Mascara

Ensure that you also ditch your fiber mascara after getting lash extensions. 

This product contains ingredients like nylon, silk and other formulations that are too hard to remove. 

Applying them will only lead to fallouts. 

When this happens, you will need to visit your lash salon earlier than expected.

How to Put Mascara on Lash Extensions

Aside from ensuring you only use water-based mascara, you also need to practice caution during application. 

This helps ensure you don’t ruin or damage your lashes. 

Here’s a step-by-step process of applying mascara to your lash extensions:

  1. Prep your lashes by making sure they are clean and dry.
  2. Comb your lashes using a lash brush.
  3. Apply mascara on your lashes. 
  4. Start putting mascara in the middle and work your way to the tips.
  5. Ensure you only put on a minimal coat to ensure your lashes won’t get heavy or droopy. 
  6. Don’t put mascara on the roots, as this may damage the adhesive of your lash extensions.

How to Remove Mascara on Eyelash Extensions

You also need to be extra cautious when removing mascara. 

Aside from avoiding oil-based makeup removers, follow these steps to safely get rid of your mascara

  1. Clean your lashes by using a gentle cleanser.
  2. Make sure to use a clean spoolie or lash brush.
  3. Avoid pulling or tugging your lashes as this may damage your natural and artificial lashes.


Some women still feel the need to wear makeup despite getting eyelash extensions. They still want to apply mascara to take their lashes to the next level.

If you also want to continue wearing mascara despite having lash extensions, you can still do so.

You simply need to take precautionary measures when applying and removing mascara. 

Make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above so you can keep your gorgeous lashes. 
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