Can mascara dry out? (How to fix it)

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Don’t you just love the way mascara can quickly transform your appearance? 

By just swiping a good amount of this product, you can boost your confidence by rocking gorgeous lashes. 

But what happens if this raved product suddenly dries out? 

Although mascara does dry out, you don’t need to go straight to the beauty store to buy a replacement. 

According to experts, you can find a quick mascara dried out fix by following DIY hacks at home. 

Let’s start exploring quick and effective solutions to address this issue. 

why does my mascara dry out 

There are several factors that explain why your mascara is dried out. 

The following are some of them: 

You pump your mascara too much

Pumping your mascara too much is probably the top reason why mascara dries out. 

Over Pumping occurs when you move your mascara wand in and out the container in a quick motion. 

Whenever you do this, air will enter the container and will eventually dry out the product. 

You don’t close the lid tightly every after use

When you forget to close your mascara after every use, its content will eventually dry out. 

If you continue to leave the container of your mascara slightly open too often, heat and air will ruin its formula. 

This will make it hard to retain your mascara’s natural formulation and consistency.

Your mascara may be expired 

Another inevitable reason why mascara dries out is when it’s past its recommended date of usage.

When mascara expires, its consistency and formulation will have poor quality. 

It will become dry and flaky, which will make it difficult for anyone to continue using it.

does dried mascara mean it’s expired

Some women think that they need to immediately discard mascara that has dried out. However, this should not be the case. 

Indeed, dry mascara may be a sign that the product may be past its recommended date of usage. However, this doesn’t mean that all dried-out mascara has expired.

As mentioned above, there are other reasons why your mascara dries out. So, your mascara drying out may not mean it’s expired.

Also, you need to take note that mascara typically expires within 3-6 months. So, if your mascara dries out before this duration, it may be because of other reasons.

how long does it take for mascara to dry out

Mascara usually dries out after a year or so. This often happens when the product expires or is too old. 

However, it may dry out in less than three months, which is often prior to the expiry date. This occurs because of various factors, such as the ones mentioned above. 

does unopened mascara dry out

It’s hard to know if your mascara is dry or not if you haven’t opened it yet. 

However, mascara doesn’t usually dry out if it remains sealed and properly stored. 

Typically, your mascara can last for a couple of years unopened. 

However, you need to open it after a couple of months after purchasing so you won’t end up with low quality mascara. 

Remember, makeup formulation may change over time, so you need to ensure you use mascara immediately. To be safe, ensure use at 3 months at most after opening.

how to know if your mascara is dried out

It’s easy to spot dried-out mascara. 

When you open it, the product usually looks flaky and clumpy. Also, when you try to swipe it to your lashes, the mascara doesn’t glide smoothly. 

In short, if your mascara doesn’t do the job of giving you gorgeous lashes anymore, it’s a clear sign that the product is dried out. 

When this happens, you can’t expect to achieve flawless makeup. 

Dry mascara will only make your lashes look as if it has clumps of residue on them.

how to make mascara not dry out

It will only get frustrating if your mascara keeps drying out, especially if it happens before the expiry date. 

So, if you keep encountering this problem, you need to start finding ways to prevent it from happening. 

Here are some recommendations to help prevent your mascara from drying out:

Don’t expose it to air too much

Avoid the habit of over pumping your mascara wand. 

This means that you need to be careful whenever you try to get the product to the brush. 

Make sure you don’t move the brush in and out of the container too quickly. 

This exposes the mascara to air which causes mascara to dry out.

Try twisting the brush while you move it inside the container instead. This helps you get a good amount of mascara without exposing the product to air.

Make use of natural or essential oils to retain the product’s consistency

The moment you notice your mascara is starting to dry out, add a drop or two of some natural or essential oils. 

This helps ensure the product will retain its consistency, and you will avoid having dried out mascara. 

Popular oils include baby oil, tea tree oil, lavender, and cedarwood.

Find a proper place to store your mascara

Avoid exposing the product to extreme temperatures.

 Find a cool, dry place to store your mascara. 

This helps prevent your mascara from drying out. Also, doing so helps prolong the life of your favorite mascara.

Beware of the product’s expiry date

Old and expired mascara dries more quickly than newly manufactured products. Thus, you need to beware of the product’s date of expiry. 

Before purchasing, find the manufacturing and expiry date. 

Usually, mascara lasts around 3-6 months. To be safe, buy a product that is not close to its expiry date.

how to undry mascara

It’s definitely sad when you want to use your favorite mascara, but it has officially dried out. 

Typically, you might think the only solution is to replace it with a new one. 

However, you can try simple hacks to address this problem. 

You can check out the following for quick tricks to undry mascara:

Soak it in hot water

One of the quickest solutions to fix dried-out mascara is to use hot water. 

This doesn’t involve adding water to your mascara but soaking it in hot water instead. 

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Make sure to close your mascara lid tightly before proceeding with the next steps.
  2. Place your tube of mascara in a mug of hot water. You can use other containers such as glass or a bowl. Just ensure that most parts of the tube can be soaked in it.
  3. Let the tube soak in hot water for a few minutes. The heat helps soften the mascara’s formula. 

Add a few drops of contact lens solution

If you have contact lens solution at home, you can also use it to soften dried-out mascara. Follow these steps:

1. Add a few drops of contact lens solution to your mascara.

2. Close the mascara container and roll it between your palms. This helps warm the contents of the tube. 

3. Check the mascara consistency. If it’s still a little dry, you can add a few more drops. However, ensure you don’t add more than four drops of contact lens solution. This might make the product lose its thickness. 

Add some aloe vera gel

You can also try adding aloe vera gel to your mascara to fix the drying issue. You can use freshly cut aloe vera and use its extract. If not, you can use ones you can purchase from a beauty store. 

Here are some simple tips for using aloe vera gel to soften your mascara:

  1. Squeeze 1-2 small pea-sized aloe vera gel or extract and place it inside the mascara tube. 
  2. Grab the mascara wand and roll it on the sides to mix the aloe vera extract with the rest of the mascara ingredients. 
  3. Avoid pumping your brush in and out of the tube. Instead, continue with the wand rolling motion inside the tube to spread the aloe vera gel or extract.

(What if) mascara keeps drying out

If you observe that your mascara still keeps drying out despite following the tips mentioned above, it may be time to toss it out. 

Remember that any makeup product may not work, especially if the product is already too old or is expired. 

So, if you think your mascara is not performing well or is always drying out, it’s time to find a replacement. 


Mascara can dry out over time and after several months of use. It can also dry out because of factors like overpumping or exposure to extreme temperatures. 

Despite this, you can still fix this issue by following the preventive tips and DIY solutions mentioned above. 

If you remain aware of the dos and don’ts when purchasing, using and storing your mascara, you will definitely avoid the issue of product drying. 

So, ensure you stay updated about the best makeup practices.