A Bra For Under Swimsuit – Do They Exist?

female wearing swimsuit on the beach
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A bra for under swimsuit does exist. 

You don’t need it all the time but it’s especially important for women with busts that need more support.

If you’ve never used one, swim bras are designed for swimming in the pool or the beach. 

They’re made from different materials than your regular bras. 

They’re actually more like sports bras as they both offer better support functions. 

Some of my girl friends have been looking for a way to support their twins when they take a swim. So I told them about swim bras.

But a bra for under swimsuit isn’t the only solution if you need more support. 

In this article, I’ll tell you when you need a swimsuit bra and the other swimsuit support options available for you.

Do You Need A Swim Bra?

Most of the time, you don’t need a swim bra under your swimsuit. 

Swimsuits usually have an inner lining for protection and cover. 

This ensures you won’t be exposed when you dive in the pool or the ocean.

Many swimsuit tops also have underwire to support your breasts in lieu of a bra. 

However, there can still be instances where you need a swim bra. 

You might have an old bikini that you really love. 

It fits you perfectly but it doesn’t have the support modern bikini tops have. 

In this case, you’ll definitely need a swim bra.

But even if your bikini does come with support, sometimes it may not be enough. 

This is often the case if you have larger breasts or if you’re having a difficult time finding the right bikini size. 

A swimsuit bra can also help you in these situations.

Can You Wear A Sports Bra Under A Swimsuit?

For sure! Support is often the main reason why you’d wear a sports bra under your swimsuit. 

If you feel like you’re not getting enough for your chest area, sports bras are a good option in place of swim bras. 

But you still need to make sure your sports bra has the right features for the job. 

Here are some of the reasons why a sports bra can be used as a swimsuit bra:

  • They offer excellent support: Sports bras are made for activities like running, working out, and other sports. 

They offer great bust support whatever your chosen activity. Since you’ll be moving around a lot in the water, you can rely on sports bras as a swim bra alternative.

  • They’re very comfortable: Sports bras are designed for comfort no matter how you move, bend, or stretch. 

Whether you’re lifting weights, doing yoga, or swimming in the pool, you won’t feel any irritation or discomfort. 

The absence of any metal underwires makes this possible. Sports bras use flexible plastic to keep your breasts in place without discomfort.

  • They come in various styles: Sports bras now have different styles that can go with your bikini. So you don’t have to worry about your beach style. 

Yet sports bras aren’t swim bras and they still have some drawbacks. 

Here are a couple that you should consider:

  • They’re more vulnerable to damage: Sports bras are made with materials different from bikinis. 

Depending on the brand, they might not be durable against chlorine or saltwater. 

So you have to care for your sports bra or else you’ll be seeing signs of wear and tear soon enough.

  • They don’t dry as fast: Bikini fabrics are quick-drying and hydrophobic. They repel water better than sports bras. 

Although some sports bras also have quick-drying or moisture repelling features, they’re not made to be submerged in water.

Why Wear a Bra Under a Swimsuit

Getting additional support is the main reason why you should wear a bra under a swimsuit. 

While swimsuits come with underwire support, it may not always be enough. 

Here are a couple of instances when you’ll need a swim bra underneath.

You Need More Support

If you have bigger twins or if you’re on the plus size, extra support is critical when you’re in swim wear. 

Wearing a swim bra prevents them from popping out or bouncing uncomfortably as you swim, especially if it’s a public pool or at the beach. 

If you wear a sports bra when engaging in other physical activities, why not when swimming?

With a swim bra, your girls are secure. 

They won’t be hanging loose and they’ll be properly supported no matter how you move. 

You’ll be less anxious and you’ll enjoy your time outdoors and in the water. 

You Need More Coverage and Comfort

Coverage can be a challenge for plus size girls. 

Not all bikinis and other swimsuits are designed for big busts. 

Swimsuits getting loose or even slipping off are some of the most common problems you may  encounter.

Finding the perfect swimsuit for you and your girls isn’t always the easiest thing to do. 

So wearing a bra will save you the trouble. 

It makes sure your girls are well covered and prevents any unwanted exposure. You’ll feel comfortable and confident to show off your beauty.

But remember, you can’t wear just any bra. 

Your standard bras aren’t made for wet conditions like chlorine and saltwater exposure. 

Use them if you want to but they’ll be ruined in no time. 

Also, it’s not a flattering look. 

The seams will show through your swimsuit and the straps won’t blend well with your swimsuit. 

They might provide you with the support you need but they’re not going to be comfortable. 

They don’t dry as fast and can end up irritating your skin. 

Swim bras are still your best bet.

Swimsuit Bra Support Options

But just because you have large breasts does not mean you have to wear swim bras all the time. 

There are swimsuits out there that give the proper bust support, even if you’re a plus size. 

After all, swimsuits are much better now thanks to design advancements. 

Here are some of the best swimsuits for bust support that you should consider.

Shelf Bra

Shelf bras are the built-in support commonly found in swimsuits. 

They came in the form of elastics found just under the bust line. 

They used to be good enough for regular sized breasts. But for women with large busts, support was dreadful. 

Fortunately, shelf bras have come a long way. 

They now give better support that can make you feel confident especially if you want to do laps in the pool. 

But women with larger bust sizes should still approach it with caution. 

Before purchasing, try it on if you can. 

This way, you’ll know how much support you’re going to get. 

The One Piece Stylish Swimsuit

The OG swimwear has always provided great coverage. 

For those of us a little insecure about our tummies, one-piece swimsuits can offer some tummy control too. 

When it comes to bust support, you’ll want to get the ones that have a bra-like structure. 

Most stylish swimsuit bras have an underwire that hold your babies in place. 

This design differs from the athletic variation used for competitions. This design is really for the ‘gram. 

And as a one-piece, you don’t have to worry about your top falling or sliding off. D+ cup sized women can find comfort in this. 

The One Piece Athletic Swimsuit

These are like the sports bra but for your whole body. 

Athletic swimsuits may not score a lot on style points, but you’ll get the most support. 

They’re specifically designed for more intense activities, whether you just want to get some laps in or when training for a competition. 

Some brands even have underwires that will make you even more confident that your girls will stay in place. 

Some also have adjustable straps for a more comfortable and secure fit. 

And the athletic cut provides excellent coverage as well, even if you have a D cup size and above.

The Bikini Top

The standard bikini top offers a wider range of sizes for different bust sizes. 

These swim bras come in many different styles and designs too. 

Plain, floral, and even vintage looks are available. 

When it comes to your bust, look for those with flexible underwire support to give you that flattering lift. 

You’ll also find that some brands offer soft padding for added comfort and prevents your nipples from showing.

If you’re worried about the bikini top coming undone, go for ones with the S-hook which will ensure it stays in place. 

The Halter Bikini Top

The halter top design is perfect for supporting big breasts. 

The strap pulls up your bust and holds it at the center. 

This gives your big girls the lift they deserve and the support they need. 

When looking for a halter bikini top, there are underwire and non-underwire options. 

But don’t fret about the non-underwire option. Because of the straps, your breasts will get the proper support even without the underwire.

The Tankini Swimsuit

What makes tankinis a great support option is that they feel like a one-piece swimsuit despite being a two-piece. 

This swimsuit bra gives you the same comfort and coverage of a one-piece and that’s good news for your big bust. 

You get a good fit that secures your girls so you won’t have any unwanted flashing incidents. 

And despite how they look, you can wear tankinis if you want to take a dip in the water. 

You just need to go for the ones that have a snug fit and less frill design. 

But if you’re gonna swim a few laps, there’s still a chance they might ride up.

 Better go for the athletic one-piece instead.

The Bandeau Bikini Top

Bandeau bikini tops is a disaster waiting to happen for women with large busts, right? Well, not exactly. 

Wearing a bandeau may be risky as they lack the straps for the added support. 

But there are options out there made with bigger bust sizes in mind.

As a swimsuit bra option, bandeau bikini tops with underwires and attachable straps are what you need to get that extra support. 

So if you’ve always wanted to wear one, now’s your chance.

The Multi-Way Bikini Top

What makes multi-way bikini tops special is that you can wear them according to the coverage and support you need. 

You can wear it as a halter, as a racer back, or even as a bandeau.

You get to dictate how snug it should be based on your size. And you can even find brands that go up to F! 

This flexibility and versatility allows you to do you and wear your style.

Swim Romper

Now if you want swim bras that look stylish and give you excellent coverage, why not pick up swim rompers? 

They’re just like your regular romper but made for the water. 

It gives you a lot of coverage, especially in the tummy area. 

If you’re a big gal and want something more flattering, this is a great option.

What about bust support? These often have a halter tie neckline for lift and underwires for breast support.

Certain brands also have adjustable underwire straps so that you can customize the fit according to your figure.

Rash Guard Bathing Suit

We all know too much sun is bad for you, so if you want protection, coverage, and support, a rash guard swimsuit is the way to go. 

These long-sleeved tops have built in bras to support your girls. 

And because this top has full coverage, flashing and accidental exposure is impossible.

As for style, you can still get these swimsuits in sporty or feminine designs.