7 Best Workouts For Weight Loss (You Need To Try)

Workouts For Weight Loss
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With the number and variety of workout and weight loss exercises its difficult to know which ones are the most effective weight loss exercises, as an exercise could contribute to weight loss but is also focused and works better on a different output altogether.

Which is why it is important to consider a variety of factors before getting started on a workout such as, your body statistics, health, and target result. By being able to formulate an answer for all these factors you are most likely to come up with a more efficient work out related to your goal. If all that seems like too much work for you, then it would be best to get a professional trainer.

However, if you’re keen on being independent, and making a workout that suits the type of taste and lifestyle that you have, then it would be good for you to do some research on workout pre-planning, which explains the importance of having a lifestyle that best suits your schedule, preferences, goals, and past training experiences in order to create a workout that is not only effective but also enjoyable according to your wants and needs.

Best workouts for weight loss


1. Walking and running

One of the most basic and simplest forms of aerobic exercise is walking and running, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are one of the least effective, in fact, despite being often overlooked both walking and running have one of the most health benefits in terms of weight loss.


Walking is not only one of the easiest exercise out there but also most convenient. This is because, other than being a natural instinct, walking is easily accessible to everyone and is often part of our daily routine.

Walking is able to help with weight loss as it is good for burning calories, and walking can help in preventing weight gain and maintaining your weight.

In addition to this, walking helps in preserving lean and toned muscles and can have a good impact on your mental well being as it positively affects your mood. Not to mention, walking gives you the chance to go out and meet new people and make new friends.


If walking can do so much, what more of running?

Running is one of the most popular forms of cardio exercise, and is the one exercise that majority of people indulge in.

It helps with weight loss as running burns more calories than most exercises, it is effective against unhealthy belly fat and helps in suppressing your appetite which leads to you eating less.

Also, running helps in keeping your lower body toned, improves your stability and just like walking can help with your mental health.

2. Swimming

What can be more fun than to swim and lose weight?

If you enjoy going to water parks and the beach then you should consider giving this workout a try.

Swimming is able to aid in weight loss as it uses up a variety of muscles in the body and makes it a bit more challenging to breathe. Combined with the exerted effort of the different muscles in the body plus the breathing difficulty, swimming provides a lot of benefits besides weight loss including, strength and flexibility of the muscles.

It is also helpful in improving the cardiovascular system and decreasing blood pressure, which can prevent health complications such as stroke, and diabetes.

3. Jumping rope

It might seem like child’s play but jumping rope is effective in losing weight. This is because, jumping rope is a full body workout, which means the entire body exerts effort when performing this workout. 

Other benefits of jumping rope are, it helps in building stamina, improves your core, tones your muscles, and helps with your cardiovascular health.

If you’re feeling skeptical about this workout, just simply turn on your TV or other devices and see how athletes make use of this cardio exercise.

4. Kickboxing

Kickboxing works well as intense as it sounds. It has a good reason for being so intimidating, as the physical results of those who indulged in kickboxing are enough of a testimony as to how effective this workout is.

Because of its intensity and how it makes the entire body move and exert effort, kickboxing can help burn a lot of calories while keeping your entire body toned as well.

Not to mention, kickboxing is also a good outlet for relieving stress.

Just take note that you should perform this activity under the supervision of a professional.

5. Zumba

If you enjoy dancing, dancing as a hobby, or always dream about dancing, then you should try working out with Zumba.

Moving your entire body to the beat of music seems like a fun thing to do, but with Zumba, you are not only having fun but also burning a lot of calories. This is because just like the previous workouts that we have given, Zumba makes use of the entire body, except you don’t really whine about it because it just feels like your on the dance floor, dancing your worries away.

In addition to this, Zumba tones your body, improves your overall mood, helps with coordination, and it can be done by people of different ages.

Not to mention, you get to make new friends.

6. Yoga

While yoga doesn’t seem as lively as the other workouts in this article, it is still effective with weight loss. 

But before we begin, we would like to inform you that there are many types of yoga, and those that we are referring to in this article are the ones which are more active and intense than others.

Yoga is able to help with weight loss because of how it makes you use different parts of the body, not to mention yoga helps in improving metabolism and sleep which are essential to weight loss.

Other benefits of yoga include improved muscle flexibility, strength and tone, improved cardio health and positive impact on mental health.

7. Weight training

Aside from cardio activities, weight training is essential if you want to lose weight, this is because weight training has exclusive benefits that cardio cannot provide alone. It helps not only in calorie burning but also in building up, toning, and increasing muscle mass.

Also, weight training can increase your lean muscle mass, which leads to an increase in your metabolic rate. This works as every time you make a muscle do strenuous activity and increase your muscle mass, it will require the burning of calories, even at rest.

Performing weight training can also improve the strength of muscle joints, help in maintaining cholesterol levels, and provide you a better night’s sleep.


These are the top workouts to consider when losing weight, however, this list is only a recommendation, as we have said at the beginning of this article. There are a lot of factors which can determine which workout best suits you, as effective weight loss, workout, and diet is a case-to-case scenario.

However, if you know someone who is struggling with their weight loss workout, don’t hesitate to share this article, in the hopes that the answer they might be looking for is here.

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