Best Shoes to Wear With Maxi Dresses

Best Shoes to Wear With Maxi Dresses
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When it comes to versatility, maxi dresses are always on top.

As a woman, I always make sure that I have a maxi dress ready in my wardrobe no matter what the occasion is.

Whether I’m attending a day or night event, or if it is summer or winter, a maxi dress is always my number one wardrobe essential.

This is mainly because a maxi dress can be worn in any style.

But pairing them with the right kind of shoes can be dreadful.

That’s why I made a list of the top shoes you can wear with your maxi dress.

Best Shoes to Wear with Maxi Dresses

Most maxi dresses are made from soft flowing fabrics that are usually straight cut and floor-length.

But it can also be figure-hugging dresses like a bodycon dress.

These dresses come in many designs, colors, and even patterned prints.

But that’s not what makes maxi dresses popular.

Usually, it’s because a maxi dress can fit any occasion.

Check the list below to see what kind of shoes fit well with your maxi dress. 


It’s a well-known fact that stilettos can give you more height and can make you look skinnier.

And if you decide to pair it with a slightly revealing maxi dress, you will surely become the epitome of glamor.

Not only can this combo give you more elegance but it can also improve the length of your maxi dress.


Another fun way to give you a stylish appearance while wearing your floral maxi dress is by pairing it with pumps.

Pumps can give you extra height and can also give your maxi dress a bit of character.

Make sure to choose leather-styled or neutral-colored pumps that have little ribbons on the back to complete your look.

This can keep the balance between your maxi dress and your footwear.

Maxi Dress with Ankle Boots

What’s a better combo than a long-sleeved maxi dress and a pair of ankle boots?

That’s right!

Wearing your black ankle boots with your maxi dress will surely complete your cowboy-meets-country-girl outfit if that’s your main goal.

You can also try on the ankle boots plus off shoulder maxi dress trend to welcome the warmer seasons.

Combat Boots

Personally, combat boots plus maxi dresses are my thing.

The feminine aura of your maxi dress and the intimidating vibe your combat boots give makes a really pretty and striking contrast.

This outfit usually gives off a bold and adventurous style.

So if you’re planning to wear an outfit like this one, make sure to wear it with confidence.

Chunky Shoes

Level up your style by wearing a slim-fit bodycon maxi dress matched with a pair of chunky shoes.

I know you’re raising your eyebrow right now.

But trust me, these two when mixed together will give you a very sexy appeal.

You can also complete this look by wearing a cap and your favorite choker necklace.

Maxi Dress With Sneakers

You know, if you’re having a hard time wondering what kind of shoes to wear with a maxi dress, you can always rock it with your sneakers.

A pair of white or black sneakers is always the best option when you want to look fashionable and feel the most comfortable while hanging out with friends.

Topping this outfit with a denim jacket always sets up the bomb.

Ankle-strap Heels

Ankle-strap heels come with simple designs or flashy ones.

If you’re out for some romantic date or girl’s night out, you can match your maxi dress with a pair of these.

But be careful when putting on those flashy looking ankle-straps or they might just clash with your maxi dress’ design.

Wedge Sandals

Planning to attend an evening party with a backless maxi dress or a maxi dress with slits?

Why not make heads turn by completing your look with a pair of wedge sandals!

Wedges have blocked heels that can help distribute an equal amount of weight on your feet to avoid suffering foot aches.

If you’re someone who wants to look real chic and stylish while feeling comfortable all night, try wearing a pair of wedge sandals with darker tones.

Flat Sandals

A maxi dress plus a pair of flat sandals are always a classic combination, especially during the summer.

Not to mention that it’s also very comfortable to wear.

You can even level up this look by choosing to wear gladiator sandals with simple slides.

Take note that flip flops will only ruin your look so better wear them when you’re just going to the beach.

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes and maxi dresses are made for runway platforms.

These two mixed together can create a really sophisticated look.

A pair of platform shoes that have velvety colors also look good when paired with a long sleeve and flowing maxi dress.


Some may think that loafers and maxi dresses don’t blend well together.

But if you just add the right style and accessories, you’ll see what a perfect combination these two can make.

Aside from that, loafers are comfortable.

You can try topping this look with a blazer or a coat to give off a more preppy appearance.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are perfect for the ladies who want to add just a little bit of extra height to them.

Partnering it with a maxi dress with puff sleeves can give you a really elegant look.

These two are best worn when going out for a stroll in the park or hanging out with your girlfriends.

Mocca Shoes

Mocca shoes or moccasins are best paired with maxi dresses or maxi skirts.

They are really comfortable to wear and are also durable.

You can wear them all day and night without actually breaking them.

What’s more, is that Mocca shoes can go well with any type of outfit.


Another great match with a maxi dress is espadrilles.

Espadrilles with a maxi dress are mostly worn during the summer since they give off such a nice and breezy vibe.

This type of shoe can also give you enough support.

You won’t suffer from any foot aches while flaunting your outfit all day with espadrilles.

Try completing it with some neutral-colored bags to add a more aesthetic feel.

Mary Janes

Last but definitely not the least are the most popular shoes worn with a maxi dress, the Mary Janes.

A closed-toe, closed-heel, and round tip Mary Janes always look perfect with a flowing maxi dress.

Usually, Mary Janes are partnered with lacy socks to complete the feminine vibe.

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