15 Best Free Grocery Rebate Apps – Cash back, Receipt Scans, and Refunds!

Best Free Grocery Rebate Apps
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Here are a couple of facts for you:

  • 40% of Americans aren’t capable of paying for $1000 emergencies (according to BankRate statistics)
  • Soda, chips, and beer are among the top selling grocery store items
  • Americans spend an average of $4,363 annually for food at home (groceries). That’s nearly 6% of the average consumer’s annual income before taxes (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

I’m telling you this because I think a lot of us are having trouble saving money partly because we have a bad habit of buying things we don’t actually need at the grocery store. The price on these things, although not particularly expensive, do add up and eventually put a dent on our savings. 

Now, I won’t tell you not to buy them. It’s not my place to do so, especially since they’re occasionally on my grocery list too. 

What I will tell you, however, is that you can get a fraction of your money back through rebate apps. These should at least help you put more money in the bank. 

So, I’ll be listing a few of what I think are the best ones out there so you can use them too. Oh, and by the way… They’re all free! Check ‘em out! 

Best rebate apps for groceries – Cashback

Basically, cashback is a percentage of your money given back to you. 

Cashback deals can either be for entire retailers, brands, or specific items. For example, you can get a cashback deal from Walmart where you get a percentage of your total shopping bill back, or a deal from Nike to get money back for buying any of their products, or cashback for buying something more specific, like a pack of 6 200 mL cans of coke for example. 

My point is that there are a lot of deals out there that you can use to save money and the apps I’ve listed below will help you find them:

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a get-paid-to (GPT) site – one of the best ones, if I might add – where you get money from doing all sorts of simple tasks, such as:

  • Watching videos
  • Surfing the internet
  • Sharing your opinion (completing surveys)
  • Shopping

Now, specifically when it comes to shopping, Swagbucks allows you to shop at thousands of retailers through their app as well as their website and browser extension. 

Doing so will earn your account cashback in the form of points which you can then use to redeem all sorts of gift cards. 

2. ShopAtHome

The ShopAtHome brand was made by Prodege – the same company that gave the world Swagbucks

ShopAtHome and Swagbucks work in pretty similar ways, too. However, while Swagbucks is more of a do-it-all kind of website, ShopAtHome is dedicated to giving you back a fraction of your shopping bill. 

That being said, ShopAtHome pays you back the money in the form of PayPal, check, or Amazon gift card. They also have a $10 signing bonus so you might want to sign up now. 

3. Ebates (Now Rakuten)

Ebates is one of my favorite cashback sites not just for groceries but for pretty much everything. They have a huge pool of affiliate retailers, huge cashback offers, and you get paid with actual money (via PayPal or check); not gift cards. 

Plus, Ebates isn’t just about shopping online as you can get cashback deals in-store too! All you have to do is link eligible credit cards to your Ebates account then link in-store cashback offers to said card. After that, simply go to the store, buy the item, pay with your linked credit card, and voila! Cashback! 

Speaking of credit cards, I think Ebates’ (Rakuten’s) credit card is what really sets them apart. If you use it to buy literally anything, you get 1% cashback. If you use it to purchase any item that already has a cashback offer on Ebates, you get 3% cashback on top of the original deal. What a great way to save money, huh?

4. RetailMeNot

With cashback, coupons, and gift cards, RetailMeNot is all about helping people save money. In fact, like Ebates, you could even combine the cashback offers with coupons so you can save even more money on groceries! 

With that said, I think what makes RetailMeNot special isn’t their relatively large pool of partner stores nor is it their huge savings deals. It’s their RxSaver feature which makes them great. 

RxSaver compares prices of prescription medication from several pharmacies and gives you a free coupon so you can save money on medicine. Considering how pricey pills can get these days, I think this is a game changer. 

5. Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates has all the tools to help you save money: an app, a browser extension, a website, great cashback and coupons, and a huge pool of affiliate retailers. 

It works pretty much the same as any other cashback store. Simply go to their website or use the app, search for items you want to buy or stores/brands you want to shop at, shop through their portal, shop as you normally would, and get cashback at checkout. 

6. TopCashBack

TopCashBack prides itself in having the highest cashback offers of any site or app. I don’t know how true that is but they also said that if you do find a higher cashback offer, they’re going to match it. 

Honestly, I haven’t tried contesting their offers with offers from other site but if they stand by their promise, wouldn’t that be awesome? Especially considering they have over 4,400 partner stores you can shop from. 

Also, TopCashBack doesn’t have a minimum payout restriction, meaning you can redeem your money at any time. Plus, if you choose to redeem your money in the form of gift cards, you get 5% on top of the original value. 

7. BeFrugal

With a $10 signing bonus, over 5000 affiliate stores, and a guarantee that says if you find another cashback site with a better deal, they will match 125% of the offer, I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t at least sign up for BeFrugal. 

Besides the app and the website, they also have a browser extension that you can use to shop online. 

8. Pennyful

Pennyful has 1000+ partner stores and even more coupons and cashbacks for you to choose from. 

Among these stores are multiple places where you can buy your groceries which, of course, includes Walmart. 

Unfortunately though, Pennyful doesn’t seem to be available for Apple iOS but here’s the link for all you Android users:

Get the app here: 

Best rebate apps for groceries – Receipt Scanners

A receipt scanning app is pretty much just another way to get cashback. However, while other cashback apps and sites rely on online purchases, receipt scanners allow you to shop in-store and still get money sent back to you. Here are some of the best ones:

9. Ibotta

When you search for receipt scanners and cashback apps, Ibotta is almost always going to show up on the list. 

It isn’t popular for nothing though. It’s great! 

One of its features is that you can shop both in-store and online. 

The online bit works the same way as any cashback site; in-store is where it’s a little different because you can do it in 2 ways:

    1. Taking a picture of your receipt 
      • Step 1 – Find offers for grocery items you want to buy
      • Step 2 – Add offers to “My favorites”
      • Step 3 – Go to the store and buy your groceries
      • Step 4 – Take a picture of your receipt and tell Ibotta what items from your “My Favorites” tab you bought
      • Step 5 – Cashback!
  •  Linking your loyalty cards/accounts to your Ibotta account
  • Step 1 – Find offers for grocery items you want to buy
    • Step 2 – Tap on “Connect Account” at the top of your screen
    • Step 3 – Choose whether you want to connect a new loyalty account or use an existing one. For new accounts, simply fill in the required information and verify. 
    • Step 4 – Go to the store and buy your groceries. At checkout, give your linked loyalty card to the cashier.
    • Step 5 – Cashback! No need for receipts. 

10. SavingStar

SavingStar is a lot like Ibotta and the other receipt scanning apps where you need to take a picture of your receipt in order to obtain cashback. 

What I particularly like about SavingStar, however, is that it also gives you cashback for produce. 

If you haven’t used these kinds of apps yet, giving you money for buying fruits and vegetables isn’t actually typical – and this is exactly what makes SavingStar special. 

11. Checkout51

Checkout 51 is a lot like Ibotta – and by a lot, I do mean A LOT. 

When it comes to shopping at your local grocery store, Checkout 51 has the same steps as Ibotta’s in-store shopping option:

  • You open the app and choose offers that you want to buy, add them to your favorites tab, go to the groceries and shop as you normally would, tell Checkout51 what items you bought, take a picture of your receipt, and enjoy your cashback. 

The difference between the two apps is that Checkout51 doesn’t have a loyalty card and an online shopping option. 

12. ReceiptPal

ReceiptPal is a little different from the apps above and it’s also one that I always use particularly when I’m feeling lucky. 

Here, you don’t have to choose offers but you do have to fill your “point card” with 4 different valid receipts. Also each validated receipt earns you an entry into their sweepstakes. If you run out of point cards, you can submit your receipts to the “sweepstakes card” where you earn 2 entries for every valid receipt. 

That being said, maybe you’re not interested in winning the sweepstake. That’s okay. The points you earn here on ReceiptPal can be used to redeem rewards such as cash sent via PayPal or gift cards.

13. Fetch Rewards

Use code: 7D6YQ to get 2,000 points

Out of all the apps I’ve listed here, Fetch Rewards is BY FAR the easiest to use. 

You don’t need to look at offers, or link loyalty cards, of fill up point cards. Here, all you have to do is take a clear picture of your receipt. 

That’s literally it. 

The downside, however, is that because the app pretty much does everything for you, it typically takes longer for your receipt to be validated. That’s fine with me though. After all, it’s basically free money. 

Get the app here:

14. Receipt Hog

Like Fetch Rewards, Receipt Hog doesn’t require you to browse offers or link loyalty cards. To earn points, simply take a picture of your receipts and that’s it. The number of points you get per receipt also depends on the total amount shown on the receipt. Hence, the more you spend, the more points you get. 

Unlike Fetch Rewards, however, Receipt Hog also lets you play a game called Hog Slots which is pretty much a digital slot machine where you can earn bonus points.

Oh, and speaking of bonus, Receipt Hog also awards you with an entry to their sweepstakes for every receipt you upload. If you win, you could get 5000 points. 

Of course, these points can be used to redeem PayPal money or Amazon gift cards. 

Get the app here:

15. BerryCart

If you’re into healthy food (which I think you should be), then BerryCart is the way to go. 

It’s a receipt scanning app that rewards you for buying organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO food. As such, BerryCart’s offer are filled with all sorts of healthy options that you can either buy online or in-store. 

Regardless, after buying the product, you’re going to have to take a picture of the receipt or barcode and answer or read trivia about the food you bought. When that’s done, well… you just have to wait for the money to reflect on your PayPal account. 


Cashback and receipt scanning apps are free, easy to use, and give you dollars that you normally wouldn’t be getting back. The money you will receive from these apps will only be a small fraction of your total bill but it does add up. 

That being said, I urge you to use any of these apps the next time you go grocery shopping. 

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