Best Nail Files For Thick Toenails

Nail Files For Thick Toenails
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If you want to flaunt your sandals during the warmer months, now is the time to give your feet a makeover.

Giving yourself a well-deserved pedicure is easy.

Yet for some women, especially those who have thick toenails, it can be quite a challenge.

That’s why I’m here to guide you so you can choose among the toenail files I’m about to introduce to you.

How To Pick The Right Nail File

Before we get to our list of the best nail files for thick toenails, let me first give you the key features you need to look out for when looking for the right nail file.

There are a lot of nail files existing today.

Some are soft to the touch, while some are rough.

So how do you pick the right nail files for your thick toenails?

If you have thicker toenails, you need to be extra careful when picking the right nail file for yourself.

Here’s what you need to look out for when buying yourself a nail file:

Low Grit

The first thing you need to remember when picking a nail file is that the lower the number of the grit, the better it’d be.

Low grit means your nail file has a rougher touch than others, which is pretty ideal for women with thick toenails.

Rougher files can thin your thick toenails just enough without overstraining your nails.

A nail file with 60 grit is the most suitable number for your thick toenails as it can thoroughly thin out your nail.

On the other hand nail files with a number between 100 to 180 would take you a lot of time.

It’s best to use nail files like this after using a 60 grit nail file to smoothen your toenails.

Nail Drills

For women with thick toenails, you can also consider using a nail drill.

Nail drills can thin out your nails faster than using your hands to file your nails.

What’s more amazing about nail drills is that it comes with different drill bits that each serves a purpose.

Some drill bits are made for your cuticles while others are made for the base of your nails.

If you have thick toenails, using a nail drill safely is definitely a worth it choice.

Best Nail Files For Thick Toenails

Own Harmony’s Electric Nail File

If you’re looking for an all-in-one nail file, I suggest trying out this electric toenail file from Own Harmony.

This electric nail file has been tested to work well with thick toenails and even help remove calluses.

It also comes with 6 different rollers.

2 for nail buffing and filing, 2 for nail polishing, and another 2 for removing calluses.

It is indeed water resistant but it’s still safer to keep it away from water.

If you want to clean this electric nail file, you can sterilize it with alcohol instead to remove bacteria.

What’s more, is that Own Harmony’s Electric Nail File is rechargeable so you can use it as long as you want.

It’s super easy to use for your thick toenails.

All you have to do is fill out two ziplock bags with ¼ lotion each.

Soak each of your feet inside for about 15 to 20 minutes, then wipe it right after until it’s dry.

Use the roughest attachment on your feet first and immediately move down to the third roughest attachment.

For your nails, use the softest filer and finish it with the buffer.

Lastly, rinse your feet with water and then rub it with a rough skin remover of your choice.

Rinse it again, dry it with a soft towel, and rub your feet with your lotion.

And trust me, you will get very amazing results.

You won’t even think that you have thick toenails after using this one.

Beurer Professional Manicure Pedicure Nail Drill Kit

Another tool that you can use for the thick toenails that can give you the best results is the Beurer Professional Manicure Pedicure Nail Drill Kit.

This nail drill kit can give you results as you have just gone to your local salon.

It also comes with 7 different attachments.

3 for your feet, 3 for your hands, and 2 for your nails – one is rough and one is smooth.

You can go for the cordless tool which has a long cord so it is still convenient to use.

Or you can also choose the cordless one if you want to freely use it without limits.

It’s perfect for the ladies who want to use an all-in-one drill kit that can be used on both natural and fake nails.

This nail drill kit has been proven to even out real thick toenails.

You can use the rough nail file to thin out your thick toenails.

And if you have an ingrown toenail, you can remove it without any pain using this tool.

PurePedi Deluxe

The PurePedi Deluxe by the Pure Enrichment Store is also a great choice for your thick toenails.

Just like the one above, the PurePedi Deluxe can be used for both your natural and acrylic nails.

It has two-speed settings you can use.

One to smoothen your nails and the other for thicker toenails.

This one tool comes with 8 different attachments.

You can use this for nail filing, buffing, shaping, or even removing calluses from your feet.

It has a LED light that can guide you while you shape and buff your nails – which is pretty handy.

The PurePedi Deluxe can be used to flatten and smoothen your thick toenails.

All you need to do is simply wash your feet and dry them before using the tool.

Use the rougher attachment and safely drill them to your nails.

After that, you can start smoothening it down by using the smoother nail file.

It’s also the perfect tool that can definitely help you thin down your thick toenails without any pain or heat getting on your feet.

Maryton 3-Way Nail Block

The Maryton 3-Way Nail Block is perfect for ladies who are too scared to use electric nail drills.

This durable nail block is so efficient and effective and can help thin down those thick toenails of yours in no time!

It has a 60 grit side that can definitely remove your thick and hard toenails.

And it also has a 100 grit side to help smoothen out your toenails to make a perfect and smooth nail for you.

It comes with a box with 10 pieces to last you a lifetime.

It’s also washable and pretty easy to use.

You can use the coarse side to make a simple buff on your nails.

And the other side to help smoothen and make your nails look shinier.

Not to mention that the Maryton 3-Way Nail Block is effective for both your real and fake nails.

You can get salon-like results with this nail block even if you’re at home.

Professional Jumbo Nail Files

For the ladies who want to use the classic nail files, this one’s for you.

The PANA USA Jumbo Professional Nail Files are the perfect tool you can use to smoothen your rough and thick toenails.

It has a 60/60 grit back to back and can last you a lifetime.

It’s perfect for the ladies who don’t want to go out but still want to keep their toenails looking pretty and smooth.

It has been proven to remove thick toenails and is also washable.

These professional nail files are perfect for shaping your nails as well.

It does not damage your skin and is very safe to use even with your vigorous filing.

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