19 Best Coupon Sites To Save You Money

Best Coupon Sites Online
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Coupons have been around for a long time and they’ve helped a lot of people save tons of money.

However, there’s even more people who are missing out and I think that’s just unfortunate, especially considering how easy hunting for and using coupons is today thanks to the internet. I mean, you’re literally just a few clicks away from saving money. It’s that easy.

To make things even easier, I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the best coupon sites to help you save money. So, if you’re ready, let’s get to it.

The best sites for coupon codes

1. Coupons

Yup. One of the best sites for coupon codes is, well… Coupons.

Coupons has one of, if not the largest catalogue of digital and printable coupons in all of America. Not only that, they have cashback, too!

Oh, wait, you thought I was done? No, no, no. You see, one other thing about Coupons that I absolutely love is that it has an app that I can take with me wherever I go.

It pretty much screams savings every which angle you look at it, and that’s why it’s here on this list.

2. Savings

You know what other coupon site is great at saving money? SAVINGS!

Corny, I know, but it truly is a great site.

They have thousands of promo codes and coupons for tons of your favorite retailers. If you shop at some place, whether it be in-store or online, there’s a good chance Savings has a coupon you can use to save money!

3. Groupon

Groupon is another of those sites with large pools of digital and printable coupons. Aside from the huge number of choices though, what I like about Groupon is that its deals with local retailers and service providers offer HUGE discounts. Some are even free!

Basically, you choose a Groupon (a voucher, really) for a product or service you want to avail of, buy it, and use the code.

If you’re shopping online, you might just have to copy and paste the code at checkout but if it’s a physical store you’re going to, you can either print the Groupon or show them a digital copy from the Groupon app.

4. LivingSocial

LivingSocial describes themselves as “the best place to find and share unique things to do in your area” and true enough, I think they’re right up there as one of the best coupon sites at supporting local stores.

So, basically, LivingSocial tracks where you are and uses that to look for deals near you.

The deals can literally be for anything, too—restaurants, gyms, clothes, ANYTHING!

5. Amazon coupons

Everyone who shops online has most probably used Amazon at least once. But, you know what? Not all Amazon shoppers know that they have coupons. Honestly, I didn’t even know about it until recently but, I’m telling you—it’s amazing!

Because it’s Amazon, you get to choose from a lot of products but what really caught me by surprise was how high some of their discount rates were. Some items even go as far as 40% off. You need to check it out!

6. RetailMeNot

If you like coupons, you’ve probably heard of RetailMeNot.

It’s a huge site, of course, but what I like about it is its convenience

RetailMeNot has both online and in-store coupons (some exclusive to the site), cashback, free shipping deals, an app that you can install on both iOS and Android, and a browser extension that automatically applies their best coupons with just a click.

Not only that, they also have their RxSaver feature which helps you get discounts for prescription medication. Considering how pricey medicine can get, I think this can be extremely helpful.

Also, another thing I want to tell you about RetailMeNot is RedPlum – supposedly another awesome coupon site specifically for groceries but from the looks of it, they’re becoming a part of RetailMeNot. Personally, I think this is a great move since I use both of them and soon, I’m only going to have to check one site. Yay for convenience!

7. Slickdeals

Slickdeals prides themselves as being a community rather than just a coupon site.

True enough, if you’re part of their community, you have a voice. They allow their members to vote and comment on coupons. The feedback is then collected and used to determine which coupons make it to the front page of their website.

Don’t worry though. If a coupon doesn’t make it to the front page, you can still find it in the website until it’s no longer valid.

Also, another thing I like about Slickdeals is that they have scholarships, internships, and student discounts. Speaking from experience, I think anything that helps students with their expenses also helps with keeping the focus on education. So, this is great.

8. Hip2Save

Speaking of communities, Hip2Save is another coupon site that feels like it—or rather, it feels more like a family gathering where people share helpful information.

The usual coupons and deals are here, of course, but they also have sections for DIY/Crafts, recipes, and tips that you can use every day, in and out of your home. Plus, they have email newsletters and text alerts so you’re always in the loop.

9. Rakuten (Fromerly Ebates)

Ebates is probably better known for its cashback but believe me when I say that they’re a great coupon site too! You can even combine the deals with the cashback for maximum savings. Plus, they have a browser extension, the Ebates button, which makes shopping convenient.

However, what sets them apart, I think, is their Ebates (Rakuten) credit card.

When you use the credit card to pay for deals that you saw on Ebates, you get an additional 3% cashback. Also, even if there are no cashback opportunities or coupons for the product you want to buy, using the credit card will grant you a 1% cashback anyway. Oh, and there’s no annual fee either, so you win every time.

10.  Swagbucks

With Swagbucks, you always have something to do and I think that’s what makes them so great.

Apart from shopping with cashback and coupons, Swagbucks is also one of the most popular paid survey sites in the world. You can also earn points for playing their games, watching videos, or using their search engine.

The points you earn can then be redeemed for cash or gift cards from various retailers of your choosing.

Oh, and they have an app and a browser extension, too, so they’re pretty much the complete package.

11.  ShopAtHome

ShopAtHome is a brand made by Prodege, LLC – the same company responsible for Swagbucks – so they work in pretty much the same ways.

They both have coupons, cashback, surveys, and browser extensions. For any of those features, use your discretion on whichever one you want to use.

12.  Frugaa

Like all of the other sites here, Frugaa has tabs where you can browser coupons from either different stores or different categories, but you know how they set themselves apart from their competition?

Their savings calculator.

This allows you to choose a category or type in any keyword and pick a budget. When you click “search”, you get relevant results.

For instance, if you’re looking for food and have a budget of $20, Frugaa’s savings calculator shows you deals for food or restaurants that fit your budget.

13.  The Krazy Coupon Lady

The Krazy Coupon Lady, or KLC, was founded by two stay-at-home moms who just wanted to reduce their bills and now, they’re one of the best coupon sites out there.

As usual, they have a catalogue of stores and deals where you can find coupons—both printable and digital.

What makes them better than most other coupon sites, however, is that they also share tips (which are essentially blog type articles that help you maximize your couponing skills) and brags (where their members show off their haul). Even if you’re not shopping, their content makes them a fun site to browse.

14.  Honey

Honey is a browser extension that instantly applies coupons, promo codes, and deals at over 4500 online stores. But, you know what? It’s not just a browser extension. It’s THE browser extension.

With just one click, Honey automatically applies the best rewards that it can find at checkout. Awesome!

Not only that, Honey also gives you points (Honey Gold) every time you shop which you can then use to redeem rewards. Double Awesome!

15.  Brad’s Deals

Brad’s Deals may not be the one of the oldest coupon sites on the internet but they’ve been here since 2001, so it’s safe to say they know their way around the block.

That being said, Brad’s Deals doesn’t have an app or a browser extension so they’re not as convenient as some of the sites on this list. However, they do have some of the best deals and coupons on their website so I think they’re worth the trouble.

Also, if you do plan on taking couponing seriously, they also have blogs and guides that can help you save money.

16.  Smart Source

You’re probably aware of Smart Source already since they have contracts with local newspapers. If you don’t check the paper though (I don’t), Smart Source gives you the option to print coupons instead.

Also, Smart Source has a Direct2Card feature where your coupons are loaded directly to your favorite retailer’s loyalty card. This way, you don’t have to print or cut up anything. Simply choose coupons, load it to your card, shop as usual, then when you show your loyalty card at checkout, the coupons are automatically applied.

17.  DealNews

DealNews is, well… a news site for supposedly the best deals which pretty much makes them the same as most other coupons sites. Click on one of those deals and you’ll be redirected to the retailer’s website where you can shop as you normally would.

DealsNews does, however, have a sweepstakes where you have a chance to win $2000 every month.

18.  PriceBlink

PriceBlink is a browser extension that helps you save money. Yes, I know there are plenty of coupon sites on this list with browser extensions but there’s one thing that makes this site unique:

Price comparison.

Besides looking for the best coupons from several retailers, PriceBlink’s browser extension also compares prices from different retailers and checks them all to see whether or not you can buy the same exact item for a cheaper price.

Say for example you’re on Amazon shopping for the newest iPhone and you see one for $1000. PriceBlink automatically detects the exact same iPhone you’re looking at, surfs the web, and shows you cheaper options.

19.  DontPayFull

No browser extensions, no apps, just straight up coupons, deals, and savings.

Don’tPayFull started in an attic back in 2012 with 2 friends who just wanted to help people save money. Now, it’s one of the most visited coupon sites in the the USA and it’s growing even more each year. Give them a try!


Coupons help people cut their costs on shopping and online coupon sites have made it even easier to gain access to these coupons. There are a lot of them out there but, personally, I think these are some of the best.

To save even more money when you shop, you could also pair coupons and deals with cashback.

Having said that, I hope I helped! If I did, pay it forward and share this with your friends! 

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