22 Best Cashback Sites You Need for Shopping

Cashback Sites for Shopping
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We all want to save money but we also want to spend money. We set budgets for ourselves only to break them when we see clothes on sale, or when we pass by our favorite restaurants, or when a good movie comes up.

It’s a paradox that I’ve seen happen to way too many people (myself included) but it doesn’t have to be that way because with legitimate cashback sites, you get to shop as usual and save money at the same time.

They’re FREE and easy to use too. So easy, in fact, that I think everyone can (and should) take advantage of it.

That being said, here, you’ll see a list of what I think are the best cashback sites you can use online or in-store. Read on!

The best cashback sites for online shopping

The first few sites you’ll see here are among my personal favorites not just because they help make shopping cheaper, but more so because they help people like you and me get out of debt and save money. Check them out.

1. UPromise

UPromise is all about helping people save for college or pay for student loans. Whether it be for yourself, your kids, your family, or your friends, UPromise can help.

After signing up for an account, you will need to link your credit card and use it whenever your shop or dine on any of UPromise’s affiliate retailers and restaurants. This is how you earn your cashback.

To earn even more, I suggest you avail of the UPromise Mastercard and the UPromise Roundup. With the MasterCard, you earn 1.25% cash back on every purchase while the Roundup, well… it rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and allocates the excess to your college savings.

For example, let’s say you’re buying a TV for $999.25.

  • The UPromise Mastercard gives you $12.50 (1.25% of total price) in cashback
  • The UPromise Roundup scales the price to $1000 (from $999.25) and places the excess 75 cents to your savings

Combined, you now have an extra $13.25 added to your college funds. It may not be much but it does add up over time, especially if you start saving early.

Having said that, if you have a 529 college savings plan, an existing student loan, or planning on a new student loan, you’re going to have to link those to your account as well since that’s where your cashback is going.

2. EvoShare

EvoShare is another cashback site that helps pay for college funds and student loans but here, you also have the option to use the cashback to beef up your retirement plan.

According to the site, they’re partnered with over 1300 online businesses where you can earn as much as 30% of your cash back. They’re also affiliated with over 8700 restaurants and cafes across America who offer as much as 10% cashback.

Like UPromise, hook your student loans, college funds, or retirement plan to your EvoShare account so the site knows where to direct your cashback.

3. MainStreetSHARES

If you’re into investing, MainStreetSHARES may be the cashback site for you.

As of writing, they’re partnered with 806 stores where you can earn “msSHARES” every time you shop at any of them through the website.

msSHARES are essentially virtual shares (not actual shares) but they represent how much you’ll be getting once MainStreetSHARES is acquired by another company. When that happens, more msSHARES means more money.

I do realize this is a gamble but, hey, that’s what investing is all about, right?

Moving on, the next sites you’ll be seeing are among my top preferences because I think they’re some of the easiest sites to earn your cash back. Because of features such as browser extensions, coupons, and everything else, they make saving money convenient for everyone. Take a look.

4. Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates is right up there with the best of them when it comes to cashback. They have a browser extension and a mobile app that allows you to activate cashback opportunities without having to go through their website. Plus, they have a huge pool of 2500+ affiliate retailers, so you have a lot to choose from.

5. Coupon Cactus

Speaking of retailers, Coupon Cactus may have the most with 18,700+ stores and services. That, from what I know, is by far (read: BY FAR!!) the biggest pool of retailers of any cashback site.

Not only that, they have coupons (some exclusive to Coupon Cactus) that offer HUGE discounts that you can use with their cashback. Together, they should help you save significantly more money.

Oh, and they have a $3 signing bonus. Not much but, hey, it’s still worth mentioning.

6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is among the most widely used cashback sites out there and for good reason—it’s convenient.

They have cashback and coupons for over 1500 stores, a browser extension (SwagButton) that lets you know when you have opportunities to save on a website, and an app so you can save money on shopping even while you’re on your phone.

Not only that, they also have other ways to earn points, such as:

  • Completing surveys
  • Surfing the web using their Yahoo! powered search engine
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games

These points can then be exchanged for gift cards or, if you want, actual money through PayPal.

7. MyPoints

From the same company that brought you Swagbucks, Prodege, LLC also gives you MyPoints as another way to earn cashback and points which you can redeem for gift cards and, well… cash.

To be honest, they’re both pretty similar in terms of how they work. They each have their pros and cons, of course, but at the end of the day, it’s your choice which of them you want to use.

8. ShopAtHome

Welp. Here’s another one from Prodege, LLC.

Again, it works pretty much the same way as both Swagbucks and MyPoints.

Personally though, I like using ShopAtHome more for when I’m shopping online compared to MyPoints simply because they have a browser extension (Savings Button) which makes it more convenient. Plus, you earn cash right away, not points.

For everything else, I use Swagbucks.

9. Extrabux

While other sites give you cashback, Extrabux gives…wait for it…SUPER CASHBACK!

It’s cashback but at a slightly higher percentage than most other sites. Also, they have deals and coupons that you can use with the cashback for even more savings. To top it off, they also have a browser extension, making shopping and saving money that much more convenient.

Next up, the sites you’ll be seeing have in-store cashback options, which I think is great for times where shopping online just doesn’t cut it.

10.  Ibotta

The ibotta app is easy to use and is great for when you’re shopping in-store.

Simply open the app, choose the category and retailer you’re going to shop at, unlock rebates for items you plan on buying, then go to the store and shop as usual.

When you get home, all you need to do to earn cashback is scan the barcode of your items and take a clear picture of your receipt. After 24 hours, your cashback should be reflected on your account.

11.  TopCashBack

Like Ibotta, TopCashBack has a mobile app that makes it easy to earn cashback from thousands of retailers, both online and in-store. They have a pretty large pool of participating retailers, too, with over 4,400.

When it comes to online shopping, TopCashBack works in pretty much the same way as every other cashback site. In-store is where it’s a little different.

They used to have an in-store snap and save option which was similar to Ibotta’s but they don’t have that feature now. Instead, you can choose the American Express Reward Card method when you request your payout.

This card will be physically delivered to your door and you can use it for your in-store purchases. It’s a bit of a hassle if you ask me, but it’s an option nonetheless.

12. Rakuten (Formly Ebates)

Ebates has a large pool of over 2500 affiliate stores, has both in-store and online cashback and coupon opportunities, has a referral program where you can earn even more money, an app, and a browser extension (Ebates button). So, it’s pretty much the complete package.

However, what sets Ebates apart from its competitors and why it has quickly creeped up my list of preferred cashback sites are its 1) Ebates (Rakuten) cash back visa credit card, and 2) their double cashback offers.

With the Rakuten Visa credit card, you get 1% cashback on EVERYTHING. Moreover, when you use the card to buy from any of Ebates’ participating stores, you earn an extra 3% cashback.

For instance, let’s say Amazon is at 7% cashback right now and you buy something from them. Using the credit card to pay will scale up your cashback to 10%. Plus, you don’t even have to pay an annual fee.

With their double cashback offers, they have featured stores where they double the cashback. These aren’t just small stores either. I’m talking about Amazon, eBay, Macy’s, Samsung, and several other top retailers.

13.  RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot has both cashback and coupons that you can combine for larger savings.

To make everything simpler, they also have a browser extension, Genie, which tests coupons on your shopping cart to find the best deals and automatically stacks it with cashback.

For in-store purchases, you will need to link your credit card to your RetailMeNot account and use that same card to pay.

14.  ReceiptPal

ReceiptPal works in a similar way as Ibotta but, in my opinion, a little more convenient.

Here, you will get a “Point Card” which you will have to fill with clear pictures of 4 different receipts. Once you clear a Point Card, you earn 100 points that you can use to redeem cash or rewards. Also, every receipt you submit that ReceiptPal validates earns you an entry into their weekly sweepstakes.

On that note, ReceiptPal doesn’t specify which retailers you receipts should be coming from. For as long as they are recent, readable, contains all the information an official receipt should have, printed in English, paid for in US dollars, and come from stores in the US, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, or Guam, they’re good to go.

The next cashback sites you’ll be seeing are ones that are dedicated to grocery shopping. Personally, I enjoy them because I like making my own food, so a good bulk of my money goes to groceries. These sites help me get a portion of my bill back.

15.  Checkout51

Checkout 51 is another app that helps you save money.

Simply download the app, look for cashback offers that are in your grocery list, and go shopping.

After you’ve brought your groceries, you just have to jump back in the app, tell it what you’ve bought, maybe scan barcodes, and upload the receipt. When that’s done, you’ll have cashback credited to your account. Easy!

16.  Fetch Rewards

Use code, 7D6YQ, during signup and you’ll get 3,000 Fetch Points just for starting.

Fetch Rewards utilizes a point system for its cashback. The good part about this is that you can use the points to instantly redeem electronic gift cards, making it possible to claim your prize on the same minute. On the other hand, you won’t be able collect your cashback as actual cash.

In any case, Fetch Rewards is easy to use. Their app allows you to see special offers and brands that you can get points for when you buy them in the grocery.

However, you don’t have to scan barcodes or tap on items you’ve purchased like you do in Checkout51. You simply have to upload a clear photo of your receipt and Fetch Rewards does everything else for you.

17.  BerryCart

The people here at Sprout Origin are all about health and wellness—and BerryCart fits right into our mantra since it’s an app that rewards people for buying healthy, organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO food.

When you have the app, you can look for deals on these types of products and learn more about them at the same time. After that, all that’s left to do is buy the item, scan, and you’re all done.

Before we move on, let me ask you this:

Don’t you just hate it when you buy something at full price only to return to the store a few days later and find out it’s on sale? Because I know I definitely do.

That being said, these next couple of sites won’t tell you when items will be on sale but they will pay you for the difference (which I think is just as good). Here goes.

18.  Earny

Earny offers what’s called “Price Protection”. Basically, it’s how they manage to get refunds for items you’ve bought that have had their prices drop. You can get these in two ways:

  •     Retailer price protection – This site is affiliated with 35+ major retailers who offer 14-30 days of price protection. When you buy any item from these retailers and the prices drop, Earny automatically tracks it and gets the refund for you.
  •     Credit card price protection – Earny only supports Citibank and any Mastercard credit card. Also, you will only need this when you purchase items from Amazon. Since the retail giant doesn’t have its own price protection policy, using a price protected credit card is the only way you can get a refund in case prices drop. For all the other retailers, it doesn’t matter what you use to pay.

That being said, you need to know 2 more things before you sign up for Earny.

  •     Earny knows what you buy by tracking electronic receipts sent to your email so make sure to register the same email(s) you use for your purchases.
  •     Earny makes its money through your refund since they take 25%. Therefore, you only get 75% of the total difference. 100% would be best but, hey, 75% is better than nothing.

19. Paribus

Paribus works in pretty much the same way as Earny.

They both track your emails for electronic receipts to monitor your purchases. When anything you buy from their affiliate retailers has their price drop, both request refunds for you.

They do have their differences though.

First, Paribus gives you 100% of your money back, not 75%.

Second, Paribus doesn’t have a credit card price protection. Therefore, you can’t get refunds from items you bought from Amazon. However, Paribus can still track your Amazon deliveries. If shipping gets delayed, they will send instructions to your email on how you can get reimbursed for shipping.

That being said, these next sites offer some of the biggest cashbacks and savings on the internet. Personally, I usually like to check them first and compare their rates to other sites.

20.  Groupon

Groupon is more of a coupon site than a cashback site but because it helps save money on shopping, I’m going to tell you about it anyway.

Assuming you’ve already signed up for Groupon account, all you need to do is browse their catalogue for services or products you want to avail of. The site will show you the discount percentage, how much money you’re saving, and how much you’ll be paying excluding tax and shipping.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, Groupon will give you a code (that you have to buy, by the way) that you can simply copy and paste at the retailer’s checkout page.

It’s a little more complicated than most other sites I use, to be honest, but I like using it anyway for the fact that they offer HUGE discounts. I’ve even seen them give over 80% off on items.

21.  BeFrugal

According to BeFrugal, they offer the highest cashback rates. Now, I’m not sure how accurate that is but if anything, I’m confident that their rates are some of the highest I’ve seen.

Also, like the best of them, BeFrugal allows you to combine both coupons and cashbacks for more savings. They also have an app and a browser extension (BeFrugal Button) for convenience, a referral program, and a huge pool of affiliate retailers at over 5000.

22.  Jewel

Jewel is a cashback site dedicated entirely to luxury brand.

That being said, because luxury brands are typically more expensive, shaving off even a small fraction of the cost can return in relatively huge money.

The best part about Jewel though is that they offer high cashback rates—as much as 60% from what I’ve seen, making the price of premium items sometimes seem pedestrian.


Shopping is something we all do. Even if you don’t necessarily enjoy it, you’re going to have to buy something eventually. When you do, give these cashback sites and apps a try. Trust me, your wallet and bank account will thank you for it.  

Also, share this with your friends so you can help them save money too!

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