Top 7 Benefits Of Pull Ups

Top Benefits Of Pull Ups
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Pull ups is one of the most difficult workouts there is, and it is for this very reason why it is understandable for gym goers, fitness gurus, and other people to resort to weight assisted pull up machines when the workout gets too extreme or difficult.

However, if you’re wondering why an exercise that seems to be so dreadful and difficult is getting a lot of attention, the answer lies solely on the end result that it gives.

How to do pull ups

As we’ve mentioned pull-ups demands so much of the body, if you’ve tried or experienced a pull up, maybe even experienced it in a way through climbing over a surface then you have an idea of how much toll it puts on the body.

It puts pressure on your back, shoulders, and arms, and with every lift, you get more tired, making it feel as if your arms are noodles, and that you’re adding another extra weight.

Before we proceed to the different benefits of pull ups, let’s go first into how to execute it properly.

How to do:

  • For starters, you will need a bar which is strong enough to manage and carry your weight.
  • Now stand up straight with the bar right above you, breathe a few times and firmly grip the bar with your palms facing downward.
  • As you hold the bar tighter, with all your might pull yourself from above the ground until your chin passes the height of the bar.
  • Stay in position for a few moments, and slowly let yourself down until your hands are straight, returning to the starting position.

Now that you have tried, or you were able to imagine how a pull-up work, you now know how tiring and exhausting the workout is. But as we’ve mentioned, the hardship is definitely worth it because there are a number of benefits that you can get from pull-ups.

Benefits of pull ups


1. Makes your back stronger and lessens back pain

One of the areas that the pull-up workout targets is the lower back. Exposing your back to a regular workout can make it stronger and prevent it from easily getting strained by day to day activities such as sitting in front of the computer, or just sitting in general.

What makes back strength important is it protects your spinal cord, improves your posture, and makes your shoulders more firm.

2. Grip strength

Performing regular pull-ups will definitely improve your grip strength as your body gets used to the workout.

Why is it important to improve grip strength?

For starters, having good, if not excellent grip strength lowers the chances of you getting injured when you partake in a workout or activity.

Also, grip strength can be used to help determine a person’s health. For instance, a research that was conducted showed that people with stronger and firmer grips had a more declined chance of having a stroke or heart attack.

Grip strength is somewhat connected in indicating to a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

3. Lose weight

It’s fairly simple how pull-ups are able to contribute to a person’s weight loss.

Since pull-ups are a hard workout, it demands more effort and more from the body. Making you lose more calories than usual.

It’s the same with raising or extending any workout, when the intensity of a specific workout increases, the calorie burns follow.

4. Improves posture

With the development of computers and the long hours that we spend at work or school, having a bad posture is a bad habit that many of us have developed.

In fact, keeping a proper posture has become uncommon that whenever we try to make a habit out of it, we miserably fail and go back to slouching.

However, there are ways into which we can retrieve our good posture back, and one way is through pull-ups.

Other than using mental strength to remind yourself to stand up straight, having a strong back improves posture because it effortlessly keeps your back upright and prevents you from slouching.

5. Improve built and frame

Because pull-ups have a variety of benefits and show visible results, it can give you a whole new and improved look at presence.

Pull-ups are able to help you maintain a good posture through helping you to prevent slouching, a slimmer waist because of all the calories you have burned from this intense workout, and a more toned and slimmer arms and body as a whole.

6. Improved mood

Exercise and workouts not only provide physical health improvement but also both mental and emotional.

And pull ups being a high-intensity workout, it helps in improving one’s mood and mental health.

This occurs because exercise or workouts help the body produce a chemical called endorphins.

Endorphins are a chemical in the body which helps a person in developing positive moods such as optimism and satisfaction. At the same time, this chemical reduces the activity of negative hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which promotes feelings of anxiety and tension.

7. Functional strength

Another good thing about pull-ups is that they promote functional strength.

When we say functional strength we refer to not just focusing on one area of the body to work out, but rather how it targets multiple areas which when developed can also help in making day to day activities easier.

Also, this creates a balance of benefits throughout the entire body as it gives an equal and distributed amount of workout.


Sometimes, in order for us to see visible results of our training we need to work hard for it.

Nothing comes easy if we are aiming for something higher, other than there is an equal reciprocation of results to effort, gaining something through hard work is more fulfilling and satisfying than those which did not require as much effort.

Through this article, we hope you were able to have a new discovery as to what the benefits of pull ups are, and that we were able to motivate you to continue your progress or if not to try the exercise despite being rigorous.

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