Belt Alternatives for Women

Woman wearing jeans with belt
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Let’s be honest ladies, belts can indeed level up the look of your outfit.

But, they are uncomfortable.

And they can get even more uncomfortable as the day goes on.

So ladies, if you agree with me on this one, then it’s time for you to switch to belt alternatives.

Are Belts Necessary?

Belts are important if you are wearing loose pants or clothing that don’t fit with your waistline.

Basically, they can hold up any kind of clothing to help secure them so that they won’t fall off.

But as time goes by, some people only wear belts for fashion purposes.

For example, belts are necessary if you are wearing a formal outfit that is tucked inside your pants.

Even if your pants fit perfectly around your waist, wearing your outfit without a belt would make your outfit look unprofessional.

Belts are also necessary if you are wearing a dress that is too big for you.

You can give an accent to your waistline by putting a belt over your dress.

So to make it short, belts are only necessary if your outfit needs one.

Can You Wear Jeans Without A Belt?

Jeans Without A Belt

Wearing jeans without a belt is okay.

In fact, jeans are made to be worn without a belt.

Unlike trousers and pants, jeans are made to fit with your body just right.

Moreover, wearing a belt with your jeans would make you feel uncomfortable after some time.

This is mostly because jeans are made out of thick denim fabric.

And adding on a belt over your jeans would give more pressure to your waist.

But, some women still wear belts along with their jeans to add accent or style to their whole attire.

As long as you know what look you are trying to achieve with your jeans, you will know when to wear a belt or not.

But if you need to use a belt for your outfit, be it for your style or to help secure your clothes.

Why not try wearing a belt substitute?

Below is a list of wardrobe pieces to teach you.

what to use instead of a belt


Woman wearing suspenders

Before belts, men and women wore suspenders.

This wardrobe piece was actually invented during the 1800s.

Many people wore them like they were part of their body.

But when the first belt was invented, it immediately took the spotlight away from suspenders.

After some time, people started wearing suspenders again, especially in the early 2000s when it became a fashion staple.

Today, suspenders are mostly worn for fashion purposes where they can give a nice accent to any outfit.

But they are still very useful if you need something to secure your pants with and you don’t like wearing belts.

Suspenders also come in handy if you are wearing pants without belt loops.

Most women might think that suspenders are too manly for their taste.

But actually, wearing them together with long-sleeved shirt dresses or button-downs would give a tough and cool touch to your whole attire.

Hidden suspenders

Don’t like wearing belts but also don’t want to wear suspenders over your clothes?

Try wearing hidden suspenders.

Hidden suspenders or hikers hidden suspenders are a great alternative for people who don’t want to wear belts or suspenders over their clothes.

This type of belt alternative is made to be worn under untucked clothes.

It’s also pretty simple to put them on.

All you have to do is attach the front part to the buttonhole of your pants.

And attach the back part parallel to the first one.

What’s more, is that hidden suspenders will not pop off easily from your pants because of how they are fastened.

So if you don’t like wearing suspenders over your clothes because you think you might ruin your attire, opt for hidden suspenders.

No buckle belt

For women who don’t want to see their belts making a bulk on their clothes, I suggest trying a no buckle belt.

No buckle belts are the perfect alternative if you need something to secure your pants in place of a belt.

I understand that most women don’t like wearing belts because they can make you uncomfortable after some time.

That’s why I recommend using no buckle belts because they work similarly to a belt but without buckling it in front.

They also come in many patterns and colors so you can choose a style that would fit well with your attire.

Side tab adjusters

Now for the ladies who need a belt but don’t like the look of them over your outfit, you can also try using side tab adjusters.

They are small buckles that you need to attach to both sides of your hip.

You can adjust them for about an inch or so to help secure your pants.

The only thing that makes other women stir away from side tab adjusters is that it can also give you a feeling like you’re still wearing a belt.

Although they are super handy if you are wearing formal clothes that need to look work-ready and professional.

Elastic waistband

Elastic waistbands are the most comfortable belt alternative if you ask me.

They are soft and they hug your waist perfectly to assure you that they won’t fall off.

And since it is super elastic and can expand according to your waist, it can create a pretty accent to your waistline just like belts do.

The only difference between a belt and an elastic waistband is that they are comfortable and you don’t need to wear them over your pants.

Pants prop

A pants prop is also a great belt alternative if you’re looking for something that wouldn’t stand out.

Just like hidden suspenders, they are hidden from other people’s eyes.

Pants prop are like silicone grip that is designed to help secure and prop up your pants to keep them from falling off.

You will need to attach them at the bottom of your shirt on each side of your body just past your belt line.

This will then create a ridge on your waistline where your pants would sit.

A pants prop can also give your outfit a professional and polished look.

Well-tailored pants

Back in the earlier days, people made suits and pants that were tailored to fit their bodies.

So if you don’t want to waste your time avoiding a belt and finding belt alternatives, the best choice is to have your pants tailored just for you.

You might think that it would cost you a lot if you have your pants custom-fitted.

But there are a lot of tutorials and DIYs on the internet today to help you adjust the pants you brought from the store so they can fit with your body.

Trust me, once you realize how comfortable and easy-to-use well-tailored pants are, you’ll keep coming back for more.