Are Thongs Comfortable To Wear?

woman in comfortable thong
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If you have never tried wearing a thong, or if you have tried a pair on and didn’t like how it felt, you are probably wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to this controversial underwear style. 

While thongs are certainly one of the most popular options for women’s underwear, there are still quite a few women who think they are incredibly uncomfortable. 

 So, are thongs comfortable to wear?

Thongs are exceptionally comfortable but only if you purchase the correct size for your body and ensure you have chosen a breathable pleasant fabric. 

In this article, we are going to go through everything you could possibly need to know about thongs! 

Including what these little pieces of material feel like on your body, why you may be finding your thong uncomfortable, and how to get used to thongs so you can find out how comfortable they can actually be.

What Does a Thong Feel Like?

So here’s the thing, while thongs can be wildly comfortable, they can feel a bit strange at first. 

Thongs are different from other underwear because the material that connects the crotch area to the waistband in the back sits between the cheeks of your bum. 

If you have purchased the correct size thong in a breathable material, you usually cannot even feel the strip of fabric at all! 

Some women do experience chafing when they first switch to thongs, but there is a way to avoid this problem, and I also want to share my expertise on how to steer clear of wedgies, and most importantly, how to choose the perfect thong for you!

How to Avoid Discomfort in Your Thong

The two most important factors to consider when purchasing a thong are size and fabric.

How to Choose the Right Size Thong

You want a thong to stay in place. So it’s essential that you buy a thong that is not too big for your body. 

When you put on a thong, the waistband should sit comfortably just where you like it, and the material that follows underneath the crotch and up to meet the waistband should fit snugly. 

If you have to pull the waistband up higher than you typically like to wear your underwear in order for the bottom half to fit, it means the thong is either too big or is not the right style for your body. 

On the other hand, you don’t want to buy a thong that is too small. 

If you can’t try on the underwear first, I recommend buying a thong that is either one larger than what you already wear, or right on target. 

Even though it should fit snugly, a thong that is too tight can dig into your hips and cause irritation. 

What is the Best Material for Thongs

Thongs come in a variety of fabrics including cotton, silk, plant fibers, nylon, and other synthetic materials. 

While all of these options can have a place in your underwear drawer, there are definitely some that are more comfortable than others. 

Without a doubt, the coziest choice for a thong is cotton. 

It’s also the doctor-recommended option as well in order to keep your vagina healthy and happy! 

Silk is my second favorite option for thongs, but sometimes they move around a little more than the cotton options. 

Unless you want to wear a super sexy thong and have bought a lace nylon option, synthetic thongs are always going to be the least comfortable choice. 

Why Do Thongs Feel Good (Or Do They Hurt?)

While every woman is different, if you followed the instructions above on how to choose and buy the right thong for you, it really shouldn’t hurt! 

If you did have a thong that is made of cotton and that fits you perfectly, and it still hurts, it’s probably not sitting right. 

Make sure the crotch is lined up properly so your naughty bits are completely covered. 

Also, although it seems counterproductive, you want to make sure that the strip of material is actually placed between the cheeks instead of on the outside. 

This is the best way to avoid thong wedgies! 

Me, and millions of other women, truly think that thongs feel good. 

Thongs are much less likely to give you a wedgie because other styles of underwear have more fabric that when displaced can get stuck in your bum and eventually drive you crazy! 

They are also typically much more comfortable under your clothing, especially tight clothing. 

You probably won’t even notice you are wearing underwear, and because you’ll never have a visible panty line when wearing a thong, no one else will notice either!

Getting Used to Thongs

When getting used to thongs, it may take a little patience. 

Although they are often described as incredibly comfortable, thongs can feel a little strange if you’re not used to them. 

I recommend wearing your new thong at a time when you know you’re not going to be doing too much physical activity. 

Most women eventually come to love wearing their thongs during athletic activities, but it may not be comfortable at first. 

So Are Thongs Comfortable?

While comfortability is completely subjective, most women who wear thongs have reported that they are extremely comfortable! 

If you don’t believe me, you should really try a pair yourself. Just remember, make sure you get the right size, and maybe start with a cotton option. 

Trust me, you might decide thongs are the only underwear you ever want to wear again!