Are Hooded Eyes Attractive?

Woman with attractive hooded eyes
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Many people consider women who have hooded eyes as attractive.

In fact, most people refer to hooded eyes as “come to bed eye”.

It’s understandable that many people think this way.

After all, the eyes are the most attractive part of a person.

A lot of men and women fall in love with a person because of their eyes.

“So, are hooded eyes attractive?” Let’s dig a little deeper into this question.

What Are Hooded Eyes?

If you see someone or if you notice your eyes hiding a crease through a fold of skin, then you have hooded eyes.

If you have hooded eyes, your upper eyelids tend to look smaller.

Hooded eyes are easily distinguished if you don’t see a crease in your eyes even if they are open.

What Do Hooded Eyes Look Like?

I see a lot of women, even men, question themselves if they have hooded eyes.

So I will give you a simple explanation that can help you determine if you have hooded eyes or not.

There are six different eye types; monolid eyes, round eyes, downturned eyes, upturned eyes, almond eyes, and hooded eyes.

And all of these eye types have different characteristics.

Now, if you notice that you have a crease in your upper eyelids and they are hidden by a layer of skin, then you have hooded eyes.

Some mistake monolid eyes as hooded eyes.

But the difference between them is that for monolid eyes, the crease is not hidden by extra skin.

Are Hooded Eyes Bad?

Even though most people find hooded eyes attractive, there are still some who feel insecure about them.

But that’s not because they don’t like how their hooded eyes look.

Women who have hooded eyes are sometimes insecure with their eye type because some eye makeup does not look good on them.

Sometimes you may feel like you want to try a friend’s makeup look but it would look weird on you.

If you ever wonder why it might be because your friend’s eye makeup does not match with your hooded eyes.

But on the brighter side, different eye makeup would look stunning on your hooded eyes.

 How Common Are Hooded Eyes?

Next to almond eyes, hooded eyes are the most attractive type of eyes according to most women.

But even though they are really attractive, hooded eyes are common.

And they are common not because there are a lot of people with this genetic type.

Hooded eyes are common because most people get them as they age.

You see, even though you are a person who does not have hooded eyes at the beginning, you can have them as you get older.

What Causes Hooded Eyes?

here are several reasons why people get hooded eyes.

See the list I have made below.

Because You Have Droopy Eyebrows

Sometimes the reason why you have hooded eyes is not just because of the changes in your eye as you age.

Or perhaps because of your genetics.

There are times that hooded eyes are caused by droopy eyebrows.

Droopy eyebrows can make the capsulation of your eyes look exaggerated.

And because of this exaggeration, your eyes can appear hooded.

You Developed Heavy Eyelids

Your heavy eyelids can sometimes affect the look of your eyes.

As you age, your body slows down its production of collagen and elastin.

We all know that collagen and elastin plays a huge role in making your skin stay firm and youthful-looking.

But as you get older, your body produces smaller amounts of these two which causes your eyes to look heavy and sluggish.

And sometimes because of this heaviness, your skin can develop extra skin and heavy eyelids.

Which will then hide the crease in your eyes resulting in hooded eyes.

Check Your Genes

Genetics is one of the main reasons why you have hooded eyes.

If you are wondering why you have hooded eyes, you can simply look at your family members and see if they have them too.

If they do, then it’s most likely because of the genes you share.

Or if you notice that you are the only one with hooded eyes, you can ask your parents if your ancestors had them.

One of the most common characteristics we get from our parents is our eyes.

It’s Part Of Aging

As you get older your skin sags and your once firm and taut muscles will look sluggish.

Because of this, your eyes tend to develop extra skin which then hides the crease on your eyes.

Most elderly tend to develop hooded eyes because of aging.

Caused By Botox

Botox treatment can also make your eyes look hooded.

When you undergo a Botox treatment, Botulinum toxin type A will be injected into you.

This chemical will then cause paralysis in the area where it is injected.

Paralysis will then prevent your body from forming new wrinkles.

And also, because of this paralysis, old wrinkles and skin will then be lowered, most especially in your eye area.

These lowered skin or wrinkles will now give you hooded eyes.

But looking on the brighter side, Botox treatment is temporary, which means you can regain the look of your eyes after some time.

What Does It Mean To Have Hooded Eyes?

Having hooded eyes is not bad at all, especially since most people find them very attractive.

After all, it wouldn’t be called “bedroom eyes” for nothing.

But hooded eyes can mean whatever you want them to be.

If you like your hooded eyes then you will find them attractive too.

But sometimes hooded eyes can also mean that changes are happening in your body, especially if you never had them before.

Hooded eyes can be because of heavy eyelids, aging, or undergoing a Botox treatment.

Can You Fix Hooded Eyes Without Surgery?

A lot of women undergo surgery just to fix their hooded eyes.

And for those who do not want to experience surgery, there are also other options you can try.

Consider Blepharoplasty

Although Blepharoplasty is also considered a treatment, it is a nonsurgical way to get rid of your hooded eyes.

Blepharoplasty is a type of treatment where injections are used in your body to give your skin and muscles a lift.

In fact, Botox and dermal fillers are treatments that are considered as a type of Blepharoplasty.

Using Natural Methods

Now, for women who want to use natural ways and materials to fix their hooded eyes, there are a lot of options to choose from.

You can try by applying cold water to your eyes.

Chamomile tea bags and cucumber are also some other options you can try too.

It is said that these natural products have components that can help relax your muscles and get rid of those extra skin on your eyes.

The Power of Makeup

If you want to get rid of your hooded eyes just for some time, you can also hide them by using your makeup.

In fact, there are a lot of tricks you can use with just your makeup that can help you fix your hooded eyes.

For example, wearing bright colors for your eyes can make your eyes look more lovely and energetic.

This can help get rid of the tired and sleepy look of your hooded eyes.

You can also try using highlighters to create an illusion of bigger looking eyes.

Apply just a little bit of a highlighter to your inner eyes to achieve this look.