Are Cheeky Underwear Comfortable?

wearing Cheeky Underwear
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Have you ever had to sneak off to the ladies’ room just to adjust a stubborn pair of hipster underwear? Or backed up against a random wall in public to discreetly adjust a wedgie?

As much as we wish all pairs of women’s underwear felt as effortless as they look on Victoria Secret Models, this is sadly not the everyday reality for most women.

Finding the perfect pair of panties that is both comfortable and flattering is almost as satisfying as finding the perfect match on a dating app. And just as challenging.

Then, styles such as the cheeky came along. 

The cheeky underwear style promises to be everything a woman wants out of a pair of undies—comforting and supportive but never restrictive.

Today we’re going to take a closer look at this underwear type, its design and fit, along with comfort and benefits.

Are cheeky underwear comfortable for daily wear?

Due to their narrow yet not overly thin design, cheeky underwear can be quite comfortable for any occasion. 

These hybrid undies could be ideal for someone who prefers something with a bit more support than a thong, but sexier than a pair of full-on boybrief undies.

While not all cheekies are created equal, many of them offer a lot more comfort than their more revealing and conversative cousins.

Since cheeky underwear provides more coverage than a thong, your tush will feel more supported throughout the day. 

Moreover, cheeky underwear are made with less fabric than a classic pair of panties or boy briefs. This means there is less material to ride up between your cheeks and cause a wedgie.

How Should Cheeky Underwear Fit

Cheekies are frequently mistaken for other underwear styles that compromises between coverage and style. 

Here are a few traits that distinguish the fit of a cheeky pair of underwear from the rest.


Cheeky underwear are medium-coverage undies that are characterized by their flirty rear end cut. Your bum is not quite as bare as it would be in a thong, but a decent part of your cheeks are exposed.

The narrow back of the cheeky underwear should sit on the upper half of your tush. An indication that your cheekies fit properly on your behind is that your bum feels held in place without the seams digging into your skin.


From the sides, a pair of standard, mid-rise cheeky underwear should fit comfortably around your waist. The side profile of a cheeky is typically more conservative than a tanga but slightly less so than a bikini. 

Even if your cheekies are not high-waisted, your side leg should feel unrestrained. The amount of fabric coverage around your hips depends on the cut of cheekies you choose.


From the front, the cheeky underwear style fits very similar to the bikini and Brazilian styles. 

Since a standard cheeky usually has a mid-rise waistband, it should fit comfortably around your waist without hurting your skin or burrowing into your sides.’

Regardless of the type of cheekies you wear, your upper thigh is usually exposed since the cheeky style sits just above your bikini line.

How to wear cheeky underwear

When putting on your cheeky underwear, be careful not to pull the band higher than its intended design. 

Unless your cheekies are specifically made to be high-waisted, the band should sit around your natural waistline.

If you wear your cheeky underwear too tightly against your skin, it could result in uncomfortable pulling on your rear side. 

In addition, it could promote painful chafing, nerve irritation, and bacteria to be trapped under the fabric.

A good way to test whether or not the band placement of your cheeky underwear is correct is to bend forward. 

If you feel fabric bunching up between your bum, your band is either too high or your cheekies are too small.

What are the perks of wearing cheeky underwear?

In addition to being comfortable, there are several other benefits to choosing cheekies. 

Here are a couple of cheeky perks. 

Offers A Middle Option

Cheeky underwear strikes a balance between G-strings and ‘granny panties. 

Along with styles such as the tanga, the bikini, and the Brazilian, cheekies fall in between these extremes.

It exposes your buns without relying entirely on gravity to hold them up. 

The cheeky offers  just enough coverage for your private area and tush without suffocating them. Thus, the cheeky style is like the Goldilocks of underwear.

Flattering Cut

One of the biggest reasons why cheeky underwear is gaining popularity among women is its flattering shape on our bodies.

Cheekies manage to show off the lower half of your bum while holding the upper half in place. This gives your tush a more lifted and plump appearance than a G-string or thong would. 

The V-shape of the fabric also flaunts your thighs and hips. While it may not be as dramatic as the tanga or Brazilian, the cheeky underwear style produces an elongating effect on your legs.

Good For Workouts

Since cheekies boost your bum without constraining your hips and legs, this style of underwear is excellent for working out. 

Cheekies can provide support for your tush without restricting your movements during exercise.

If you decide to try cheekies for your next workout, a good tip is to choose something seamless and breathable.

What kind of cheekies underwear are the most comfortable?

While most cheeky underwear are relatively comfortable, some styles can feel more like second skin than others. 

Here are some of the most comfortable cheeky styles available.


If you worry about visible panty lines like most women, consider trying cheekies in a seamless version. 

Since the bottom edges are cut with laser instead of sewn, seamless cheeky underwear can be worn even under the thinnest fabrics and skin-tight clothing.


According to an ob-gyn, the best types of underwear are the most breathable. 

Since cotton is considered to be the most breathable fabric, it’s a good idea to choose a pair of cotton cheekies when considering this style.


Although the standard cheeky underwear has a mid-rise waistband, some women might find high-waist cheekies more comfortable. Since these fit higher on your waist, it places less constraint and pressure on your hips.