How To Suppress Appetite Naturally For Weight Loss

How To Suppress Appetite
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Why do people have a tendency to eat more than what their bodies need?  Controlling the amount of food we take in is a never-ending struggle that is made more difficult by the accessibility of tempting, delicious, and mouth-watering food choices that hit us in our faces each and every day.

Overeating and obesity is one of the major challenges most of us encounter.

Apart from the obvious reasons why we overeat, there are other factors why people tend to binge on food. There may be physical and psychological explanations for this and until you realize why you eat too much and can’t seem to control your appetite, you will forever be a slave to food.

It may be because of your genes.  Your genetic disposition might contribute to your overeating.  If your mother or grandmother binged on food, chances are you will too.  Sadly, your eating behavior may be hereditary. It also doesn’t help that you’ve probably been exposed to your family’s unhealthy eating habits and behaviors that influence the way you look at food.

If you’re depressed, you have a tendency to consume a lot of food too.  Factors such as low self-esteem, stress, and anxiety contribute to uncontrolled food consumption.  

When you try to lose weight and control the amount of food you eat, there may be times when you find yourself bingeing on food especially if you follow unhealthy diets such as skipping meals or going on a crash diet.  

There is no doubt that limiting your food intake will help you lose weight. By doing this wisely and intelligently, you achieve better results rather than just going into your diet thoughtlessly and unprepared – or worse, choosing the easy way in by taking those weight loss pills that have been gaining popularity.

There is a safer and better way to help you lose weight without the ill effects those weight loss pills bring to your body.  The kind of foods you eat are a huge factor to losing the weight. It would be wise to choose the foods that help you curb your hunger and suppress your appetites in a healthy and natural way.    

Here are some foods that are natural appetite suppressants which you can incorporate in your diets to aid in your weight loss programs and keep you from eating your heart out.

1. Fiber-rich foods

A diet rich in fiber helps you feel fuller faster.  By filling your diets with fiber-rich foods, your hunger pangs get lesser and your appetites suppressed.  

How does fiber work to help you suppress your appetites?  Fiber absorbs much of its own weight in water. Because of this, it slows your digestive processes down keeping you feeling fuller for longer and your food cravings are reduced significantly.  

High-fiber diets help regulate healthy body weight, strengthens your immunity and improves your digestive functions and keeps your heart health in check.

Evidence has been gathered regarding the lack of fiber intake and the effects this has on our bodies.  Lack of fiber may result in a number of diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and gastrointestinal disorders that include irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulosis, colon cancer and cholelithiasis.

Incorporate high fiber foods such as fruits, nuts and seeds, vegetables, beans and legumes.  

2. Spicy food

Not fond of spicy food?  You might want to reconsider.  Spices that contain Capsaicin – that active ingredient found in most spicy food may help curb your hunger and suppress your appetite.  Usually found in most peppers, capsaicin is what gives these spices their heat.

Research conducted by Purdue University regarding the effects of spicing up your daily diets found that consuming spicy food manages your appetite and helps you burn more calories.  This is even more effective if you don’t actually consume spicy food regularly.

The study used cayenne pepper on about 25 people who participated in the 6-week period consisting of those that consumed it regularly and those that didn’t.  They found that consumption of spicy food increases body temperature and burns more calories.

The responses between those that liked to eat spicy food and those that didn’t vary.  Those that didn’t like spicy food experienced a more reduced appetite than those that did.

It may not be the ultimate weight loss remedy but if you’re aiming to lose some weight for that upcoming beach holiday or that special occasion, you might want to get over your aversion to anything spicy and give it a shot.

3. Green tea

Green tea does more than just give your body the best nutrients and health benefits you could possibly wish for.  It also helps you lose weight. Suppressing your appetite is one way by which green tea is able to help you achieve this.  

The major appetite suppressant factor may be found in the effects it has on our hormones, more specifically catecholamines such as norepinephrine and dopamine that activate our sympathetic nervous system and results in the reduction of the desire for food.

ECGC, also known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate, is a type of catechin which is the most active compound in green tea that inhibits the breakdown of enzymes that breaks these catecholamines.

Green tea also increases the release of CCK or Cholesystokinin, a peptide produced in our gastrointestinal tracts. We might as well call it the “Crucial Craving Killer” because its main purpose is to tell your brain that you are already full from eating.

4. Saffron

The saffron extract Satiereal is an appetite suppressant that stops “emotional eating”.  Our moods affect the way we consume food. During times of depression, stress or low energy, some people tend to eat more comfort foods that help increase serotonin levels to activate the pleasure center of our brains.

With increased serotonin levels, this extract suppresses appetite making us less likely to eat just to feel better.

A study was conducted regarding the effects of this saffron extract to 60 women participants.  The research found that those who consumed food containing saffron showed significant weight loss as a group compared to those that took placebos. The weight loss trend for the saffron group continued throughout the remainder of the 8-week period of the study.  The participants reported no side effects.

Increased serotonin levels had a positive impact on the weight loss goals of these women apart from relief of symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) and emotional eating.  

5. Grapefruit

The Grapefruit diet has become one of the most popular diet trends in recent years.  There must be some basis for this. Though it may not necessarily be the only reason why one might lose weight, combining a grapefruit diet with other weight loss plans will definitely bring you closer towards achieving your desired weight.

How does grapefruit qualify as a healthy appetite suppressant?  Studies (1) and (2) have been made about the effects of the grapefruit diet on weight loss merely through the scent of its oil.  The limonene scent in the grapefruit helps in the body’s relaxation while promoting blood circulation and appetite suppression.

Nootkatone which can also be found in grapefruit helps boost lipid metabolism while activating sympathetic nerves.

Think twice about taking those weight loss pills that may end up harming you.  It is always best to go natural. These foods are all natural and healthy alternatives to curbing your appetites and suppressing that hunger.  Give them a try and find out if they might work for you.

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People have a tendency to eat more than what their bodies need? Here are some natural appetite suppressants for weight loss that can help with overeating.

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