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Our Mission here at Sprout Origin is simple. To help as many people who are just like us achieve their goals.

  • Those battling depression because we’ve experienced it.
  • Those struggling with weight loss and living healthy
  • Entrepreneurship, business and success – because we are not that smart and it takes us days what would take a normal person a few hours to figure out.

There is no fancy story here. Simple and straight to the point.

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James jean-Pierre Ceo

James Jean – Pierre

I am a slow, dimwitted guy with a passion for freedom and hate for anything that chains me down. depression, 9-5, Negativity etc.

Now in my mid 20’s I’ve never held more than 7 jobs. Got laid off from two after less then a month and I’ve never lasted a full year at a single one.

I had planned on committing suicide a few years back but gave things a second chance due someone close to me. I was homeless for a bit, sleeping outside a Walmart at the time. Soon after I ran into a motivational video by Less brown (shown below) that changed my life.

I am not here to lie to you about how I started this site for the sole purpose of helping others. I wanted to achieve my own goals and in the process I realized There are a lot of ppl just like me who this site could and will help.

Anyone who’s ever battled through depression knows the meaning of despair and I hope you chose life in the end.

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