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About Us

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Where Growth Begins

Our Mission is simple. To help as many people who are just like us achieve their goals.

  • Those battling depression because we’ve experienced it.
  • Those struggling with weight loss and living healthy
  • Entrepreneurship, business and success – because we are not that smart and it takes us days what would take a normal person a few hours to figure out.

There is no fancy story here. Simple and straight to the point.

Health & Fitness

Get the best Yoga tips, Fitness, Weight loss as well as healthy living to help you become a better you.

Personal Growth

Here are the top tips about life, meditation and happiness to so you can maximize your potential.

Blogging Tips

Everything you need to know on How to start a blog, drive traffic, and monetizing your blog for profit.


Become your own boss by learning how to start and run a business and male money online.

Real Results

Custom Plans & Coaching for Your Specific Goals

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My Story

Meet James, Founder & CEO

I am a slow, dimwitted guy with a passion for freedom and hate for anything that chains me down. depression, 9-5, Negativity etc.

Now in my mid 20’s I’ve never held more than 7 jobs. Got laid off from two after less then a month and I’ve never lasted a full year at a single one.

I had planned on committing suicide a few years back but gave things a second chance due to my girlfriend. I was homeless for a bit, sleeping outside a Walmart at the time. Soon after I ran into a motivational video by Less brown that changed my life.

I am not here to lie to you about how I started this site for the sole purpose of helping others. I wanted to achieve my own goals and in the process I realized There are a lot of ppl just like me who this site could and will help.

Anyone who’s ever battled through depression knows the meaning of despair and I hope you chose life in the end.

Contact Us

If you got a question or just want to say “Hi” feel free to reach out. Be sure to check to see if your question hasn’t already been answered on the contact page. We are also accepting guest posts if you want to write for us.