A Digital Nomad Lifestyle – How To Be Efficient While Working And Traveling

A Digital Nomad Lifestyle - How To Be Efficient While Working And Traveling
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Climb mountains, traverse cities, lay on the beach counting the stars or watching the sunrise, but don’t sleep hungry; does that sound like your dream life?

Welcome to the digital nomad lifestyle, whereby, you can successfully work as you travel.

The growth in technology has made it possible for people to enjoy a “work and travel” lifestyle. Furthermore, a growing number of firms is hiring remotely today.

In this case, one does not have to sacrifice their passion in traveling for a restricted method of earning a livelihood, such as an 8 to 5 P.M job. Nevertheless, how do you work and travel at the same time without compromising each?

Fortunately, there are different ways. Basically, to support such a kind of lifestyle, you need to tailor your method of earning a livelihood to be location independent.

This allows you to work from wherever you are. In fact, with only a portable computer and the internet, you can now work from any location of your choice. Here are some of the ways;

Freelance work: this is whereby the nomad takes up a work opportunity that can be performed remotely. Such opportunities include writing, social media tasks, website or graphic designing, telemarketing and others.

These are usually outsourced online. In most cases, the jobs are part-time and can thus allow one to pick an opportunity when they are free to. Also, it is possible for the remote worker to work for more than one client so long as their schedule allows.

Corporate: some institutions can have tasks that allow workers to operate from home. Since the most important thing here is to maintain your work schedule, you can easily decide to travel as long as whatever you do doesn’t interfere with work hours or productivity.

Entrepreneurship: this is where one builds their businesses such that it can operate independently of the owner’s location.

In most cases, one will depend on technology to run the different aspects of their business. This includes management, paying bills, overseeing, outsourcing processes to other remote workers and so forth.

One can also choose to make investments that do not require hands-on nurturing to earn them money while traveling.

Tips for Being efficient While Working And Traveling

  • Plan effectively

If you are going to pair work and travel successfully, it would be paramount to learn to be extra organized and disciplined. Always have an outline of what you want to do each day.

Of course, your plans should be set earlier. You could come up with a monthly routine, followed by weekly tasks and then daily activities. Allow some room for changes when the need arises. Be keen about the time differences of the areas you are visiting and your clients.

Come up with a schedule of the time you will be working and when you want to rest or go sight-seeing. Of importance is to follow this schedule so that you strike a balance between work and travel.

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  • Set limits

With this kind of life, there is always the temptation of overdoing one thing at the expense of the other. You might find that during your travel, you spend a lot of time working than interacting with the new environment. Your travel loses meaning at this point.

On the other hand, some people are tempted to travel more than they work. This translates to a low work output which could, in turn, deplete your finances.

If you want to sustain your digital nomadic lifestyle, you need to set your limits for both sides. Always know when to say no to extra projects that could commit you more than you desire. Have in mind that if you do not meet the expectations of your clients, then your work is affected.

However, you don’t want a situation whereby you spend the best part of your trip working than making new friends, learning the language or culture of your current destination or seeing those beautiful sights.

  • Be focused

You know what you want to achieve, right? Focus on doing that. Even if you plan and set limits, there are many distractions along the way. You can only follow your schedule or achieve your work and travel dreams if you keep focused.

Commit to following your schedule so that you can stay in check.

  • Plan for the unexpected

Could be, you are used to a life where there is always fast internet connectivity or the constant flow of electricity.

Unfortunately, some of the destinations you visit do not always have such. In some areas, you will either find slow internet connectivity or no service at all. Others have no source of electricity. This is a common scenario when your trip leads you to the remote areas to climb mountains, camp at the jungles, see cliffs, or so.

To avoid a culture shock, coupled with an inability to meet your work deadlines, you can always research about the area you are planning to visit in advance.

Find out about the quality of the services you need to work effectively and plan accordingly. You can decide to stick to the major cities for several days of the week so that you can work, then hit the jungles towards the weekend for fun.

  • Invest in a VOIP number

When you are serving your clients on the move, it is prudent to make sure you are always within reach. When working remotely, some businesses hold online meetings through call conferencing, or so.

This makes it important to ensure that you are always available for a chat or call. Your family may also want to communicate with you anytime. Having a number that is location independent will be a great idea.

What Should You Avoid for an Efficient Digital Nomad Lifestyle

  • False expectations

The earlier you cut your expectations the high chances you are going to end up less disappointed. Travelling and work are fun, but there are going to be downsides as well. For instance, do not expect to make a lot of money.

As the old adage goes, “time is money.” The amount of income you make from something is in most cases proportional to the time you spend on it. Also, your business growth will always be limited.

Other things you cannot expect to excel in include keeping tight relationships, fast growing career, among others.

  • Attachment

It is in the human nature to fall in love with new places and people. If you want to travel to different places, view the world and learn about new cultures, being attached can be a setback. This is because you will be tempted to settle down. Settling down is like going back to the lifestyle you were running from. You need to be less attached so that you can stay on the move.

  • Addiction to your portable device

Truth be told, many of the digital nomads have difficulties unplugging. Do not think this will just fade away since you are at a new location.

In any case, so long as you have access to your device, your work journeys with you. You’ll even have new lucrative offers coming your way. Avoid the tendency to stay hooked on your device by setting an “away-till-this-date/time” response on your communication platforms.


A digital nomad lifestyle gives you a choice and lightens up existence. However, do not jump into it without weighing the downsides too.


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