7 Truths People Tend To Forget About Happiness

7 Truths People Tend To Forget About Happiness
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Everyone strives to be happy, you and I are no exceptions. Today, we’re looking for a deeper meaning, true life calling, mindful connections, and authentic happiness in our lives. But what does happiness mean to you? That’s a good question, huh?

When I ask people what makes them happy, the answers are both shocking and obvious. Money, love, career, family, discovering the world, friends, and self-acceptance. Yes, you read that right. Most people I know are sure that money is the biggest source of happiness. Yet, there are many crucial truths that we tend to forget about happiness and here are some of them:

1. Happiness comes from your actions

I love the Dalai Lama’s quote that says, “Happiness is not ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” You can’t just sit and wait for happiness to hit you like lightning. You’re a creator of your happy life. If you do nothing to feel happy daily, even during the hardest times, you can’t expect yourself to live a blissful life.

Although I’m still guilty of a complaining habit, I hate it when people complain about an unhappy life. I know that if I don’t feel happy, it means I am doing something wrong and there’s no one to blame, except me. I realize that I’m responsible for my own happiness. Be sure, you acknowledge this fact as well.

2. The happiness battery can serve you forever

The battery always drains but you know what? You can always recharge it. With all those life’s highs and lows, it’s practically impossible to feel happy all the time. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or time to recharge your happiness battery, though. Just know what can instantly boost your mood and enhance your happiness. Whether it’s playing with a pet, reading a book, walking in the park, or taking a long nap, feel free to do it whenever you feel down – without guilt and regret.

3. Happiness is always there

They say, “Some people are born happy.” This is actually insane. We are all created equal, remember? You may not be rich, but you CAN be happy. Happiness is always there; open your heart and soul. Let it in. Feel it. Nourish it. Instead of looking for happiness around you, discover it within you. It sounds awkward and even scary, but don’t be afraid to feel happy. It’s a wonderful feeling.

4. Happiness doesn’t depend on your monetary wealth

The Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton once said that people who believe that money can’t buy happiness just spend it wrong. That’s partially true. Money can buy you happiness but only short-term.

Let’s say, you work hard, exhausting yourself, to buy a better car or the latest version of iPhone. You reached that goal. Now what? Are you happy? Yes, you are. However, ask yourself the same question in a month or year and you might even forget how excited you were when you bought it. Focus on yourself and people, not material things.

5. Happiness doesn’t come from success

Success isn’t a key to happiness; it’s a part of it. I know so many wealthy and successful people who live super luxury lives that I could only dream of, but they’re so unhappy that I often feel sorry for them. If you strive to gain success only to reach happiness, change your goals and priorities. This frame of mind can lead you to a miserable life in the long run.

6. Problems are the biggest obstacles to happiness

Life is jam-packed with problems, especially mine. Every morning I wake up with tons of problems to tackle throughout the day, but this has never prevented me from feeling happy. Complicated problems do affect my mood – temporarily. Still, I realize that I can feel happy even if my problems aren’t solved.

It’s ll about making a choice. I choose to be happy – no matter how strange it sounds. It seems happiness helps to solve the problems faster and easier, not to mention that it maintains a healthy well-being.

7. True happiness doesn’t feel like a bliss all the time

Just because you don’t feel excited doesn’t mean you’re not happy. Happiness is like a fire – it can burn brighter and be at “peace” but it does provide the same effect – warmth. You don’t need to feel absolutely happy all the time to be considered a happy person. You can’t avoid bad days, after all. Let yourself feel moody once in a while. You are a human being, not a smiling robot.


Happiness can look like a chain of blissful and exciting moments one day and a basket full of problems and failures the next one. Don’t let your happiness diminish. Nourish it on a daily basis, even during the most fantastic times.


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