6 Reasons Why Hard working People Don’t Reach Success

6 Reasons Why Hard working People Don’t Reach Success
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I was always thought that success was going to school and having a nice job afterward. It was all I was told, though I was too busy living life when I was younger. But as I reached my late teens and life slapped me in the face. I realized that these weren’t such good advice.

I grew up around plenty of hard working people I thought would be successful, but when you take a closer look, some were struggling and others were doing mildly ok, but still in the same boat.

A lot of factors play into why many aren’t successful, but I want to tell you why hard working people and those with high IQ’s even, don’t and will not become successful.

You think credentials makes you deserving

Because you’ve always gotten what you want at home, you work hard and always had good grades you think you deserve success.

Unfortunately, just because you got good grades and maybe attend some well-known school doesn’t mean you deserve success. Success doesn’t care about how smart you are or if you went to Harvard.

Those that attain success, work hard, but they work even smarter. But most important, they work on themselves. Those that are constantly growing, trying to make a difference in the world deserve success, but they too must still work for it. Credentials may mean a lot at home or at school, but they mean nothing in the real world.

You don’t change the people around you

It’s unfortunate, but you don’t try and reach out to someone new. Keeping the same circle for years is what you do instead. Hanging with the same person, because you believe new or more friends means stress, when really it’s the opposite.

Making new friends doesn’t mean you should drop your old ones, unless they are negative and are bringing you down. You can’t learn anything new from the people you’ve always been around because what they converse about will never change.

You haven’t learned patience

It’s one thing to be excited about new opportunities, but another to go after it and just give up because it’s not working out or takes too long.

Time is the most important thing you have, and yet you waste it chasing multiple things. You don’t give things the time they need to mature, but let go because it’s not coming fast enough. You haven’t learned patience though you talk about how important it is.

You don’t like change

You get comfortable with old friends, and the environment you grew up in so you keep it the same and ignore change when it comes to you.

At some point in everyone’s life change comes knocking. You’ll feel that what you have been doing isn’t working, you’ll feel the need to grow and shift what’s around and you must decide on whether you will take that hint and shift or stay where it’s comfortable and you won’t get hurt.

Change is a sign of maturity. A sign that good is coming to you, even if it’s in the form of something bad. If you want better, but slammed the door in the face of change how do you expect to reach success.

You hate failure

No one goes through life without failing. As a matter a fact, we were failures since birth. But unlike from when we were younger, we don’t try anymore when we fail.

I would prefer to look at life through the mind of a child than that of an adult. The mind of an adult is poised with sadness and extreme limitations.

Life has blessed you with a personal teacher so that you can grow, but you think life is against you. Failure is one of your strongest assets and your greatest teacher. Successful people know to get ahead they first have to learn from failure and if they fail to learn the lesson life has to teach them and quit then they are really failures.

Don’t hate failing. Love it. It’s one of the fastest ways to get ahead.

You lack belief in yourself

The beautiful thing about the smart hard working person is how they hold themselves. They have high hopes and high standards, but they tend to doubt themselves and lack beliefs when they do something.

The mind is a weapon like no other, but it leans more towards negativity. You will always see things being too big, something you worked hard on look stupid, but you have to believe in yourself and bring out your mind’s true potential towards helping you.

No one will ever believe in you like you. You are your greatest asset.

You already have two great qualities. Your smart and you work hard. Use those to your advantage. When opportunity comes knocking, be prepared and don’t be afraid of change.

Life comes with risk, so occasionally take a little risk, it doesn’t have to be major, but you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and not stay where it’s comfortable.

You can’t grow in comfort and you can’t grow if you are not willing to make the changes your life needs.

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