What To Ask Yourself If You Want More Out Of Life

What To Ask Yourself If You Want More Out Of Life
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Change is a part of life, something that is inevitable yet so commonly feared. We fear the possibilities that change brings. It’s the unknown waters we’re afraid to jump into, the darkness we’re afraid to see. So instead we cower away, hidden in the shadows. We watch on the sidelines as the people in our lives race to the finish line.

Some are braver than most and are ready to plunge head first while others need a little gentle nudge. There are those who are confident in their decisions to accept change and there are those who want to change but aren’t exactly sure of how to do so.

If you are one of these people, with a desire to change but not sure of the steps to take, asking yourself the following questions might be able to help you find your footing.

Is It By Association?

Sometimes we’re afraid to change because we’re afraid of what others might think of us. We’re afraid to be judged for our decisions, for the choices that we make. And that’s perfectly okay.

Some people are great at not caring what others think of them while others focus too much on other people’s opinions. If you’re surrounded by judgmental people who constantly judge and criticize your decisions, then you’ll never be able to stop yourself from caring or changing.

If these people who come around you bring nothing but negativity and sadness into your life, then it’s most definitely time to make some rearrangements.

Are you satisfied with the way things are going in your life right now? On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you? If you answered below a 6, then it might be time to reevaluate some life choices. Whether it’s your significant other, your friends, or your coworkers, if something is constantly bothering you, then it’s time to make a change.

Cutting off someone who’s close to you can be very painful, but if they’re always bringing you pain then it’s time to make a change.

If someone you hang around with is filling your day to day life with negativity, it’s a good idea to start hanging out with people who bring positivity into your life. Stop surrounding yourself with those who put down your views and make you feel unimportant. Cutting these Negative Nancy’s off could be just the change you need.

Why Am I Always Doubting Myself?

We’ve all heard that little voice in our heads, telling us that we’ll never make it or that we’ll never be great. It’s constantly making us doubt ourselves and our capabilities. It makes us afraid that we won’t be good enough to complete the task at hand or to accept the possibilities change brings.

But ask yourself this- why are you constantly doubting yourself? Is it because you’re unsure of your capabilities? Is it something that’s been implanted in your brain or in your heart?

Try writing down the reasons why you’re doubting yourself, and on another sheet of paper write down what you’re good at. Can you sing or dance? Are you good at math? Are you always showing compassion and empathy?

It’s not always about physical attributes, because what many don’t realize is that mental and emotional attributes are great too.

Complete both lists on separate sheets of papers. Writing down these lists will help you be able to see your greatness more easily. Everyone is good at something; some talents are just more hidden than other.

Am I Overthinking?

Many times, we seem to overthink things. We think that the littlest things have the deepest meanings. That left really means right and it’s all just one big trick. But sometimes, right really means right and yes really means yes. We get too busy looking for the trick that we miss what’s really in front of our eyes.

More often than not, the clues that we so desperately seek are the ones we’re too blind to see. It’s likely that your mind is racing towards so many possibilities and so many decisions all at once, increasing your confusion even more

Taking a walk and getting some fresh air can really help clear your mind. If you’re one of those people who is constantly surrounded by others, this could really be beneficial to you. Escape from all the noise and take at least a 10-15 minute walk to help clear your mind. Go for a nice, quiet walk and enjoy the scenery.

Take some deep breaths and just relax. Don’t rush your thought process, instead take all the time you need. However, if you’re someone who’s not keen to nature, you can simply just take some time off to do something you find relaxing. Whether it’s just taking a nice bath or riding a bike, participate in a quiet activity that’s away from all the limelight. This will help stop you from overthinking and see things for what they really are.


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