10 Reasons To Wear A Thong

Woman wearing a thong
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There are dozens of styles of women’s underwear available, and it has become quite difficult to figure out which type is best for you, your body type, lifestyle, or even fashion style. 

If you have ever wondered if a thong might be the right underwear for you, you have come to the right place! 

Of all the available styles, thongs are one of the most popular styles for women’s underwear, and there are quite a few reasons why. 

We have done extensive research into why women like to wear thongs, which clothes they look best under, and even which types of thongs are the most comfortable.

One important thing to remember before we dive into our list of reasons to wear a thong is that the correct size and comfortable material are essential to ensure you actually like wearing your new thong. 

Thongs are available in a variety of materials, but for the most possible comfort, we recommend cotton styles as they are the most breathable and will not cause any skin irritation. 

Cotton is also the most doctor-recommended fabric to ensure your vagina stays happy and healthy!

10 reasons to wear a thong

Thongs Are Comfortable

You may have heard some women say that thongs are extremely comfortable, while others report that they are horribly uncomfortable, and then wondered to yourself how there can be such different responses to such a little pair of underwear. 

From everything we have learned about thongs, and I have to say that we really do know everything there is to know, women who have found thongs to be uncomfortable are usually wearing the wrong size or have chosen the wrong material.

As we mentioned already, cotton is the most comfortable material. 

However, you may also enjoy wearing silk or even plant fiber thongs. It really depends on you and your body! 

I recommend trying a few different materials to find out which feels best on your body. 

While lace thongs are widely considered one of the sexiest options, they will probably be the least comfortable. 

It might be best to save these pairs for a special occasion when you don’t have to wear it for a long time, or when you are sure you won’t be sweating or moving too much. 

You Won’t Have a Panty Line

We all know that visible panty lines are pretty embarrassing. 

They really take away from the voluptuous shape of your bum, and instead create a horrible division that makes the butt look like four cheeks instead of two.

 One of my favorite reasons to wear a thong is the fact that I never have a panty line in my clothes! 

Whether you are wearing a form-fitting dress, yoga pants, your favorite jeans, or pretty much anything else in your closet, you can ensure your bum will look silky smooth with a thong under your outfit. 

Feel Sexy ; Confident

For almost every woman in the world, including myself, confidence comes in a million different ways. 

While your shining personality, brilliant mind, and kind soul can and should give you a sense of sensuality and confidence, there is nothing quite like a great outfit to make you feel incredibly sexy.

This confidence is definitely visible, and the people around you will see your beauty that much more if it’s radiating from within you.

Wearing a thong is like wearing your favorite outfit under all your clothes. You will constantly be able to feel that sense of self-confidence, no matter if you are wearing pajamas or a ball gown. 

Thongs Don’t Ride or Bunch Up

There is nothing quite as annoying as a wedgie, especially if you are in public and can’t get rid of it! 

If you are like me and hate the feeling of your underwear being stuck where it’s not supposed to be, you are going to love the feeling of a thong.

One of the best things about thongs: they never ride or bunch up! 

So not only will you never have a panty line, as we mentioned, you will never even have to adjust your underwear again or live for a single moment with that uncomfortable feeling.

They Fit Every Body Shape

You may have noticed from your last trip to the lingerie store that there are an incredible amount of options for women’s underwear these days!

Every style sits differently on the body so it can be challenging to find the one that is the most comfortable for your shape and even your personal fashion choices.

You may even notice that each individual style extenuates bums in very different ways, and if you don’t want to spend your whole day trying on every possible style, I say, stick with a thong!

Here is the bottom line: thongs fit and look great on every body type and bum size! This may be the only reason you need to buy a thong, but we still have five more exciting reasons to share with you!

Works With Every Outfit

If you have ever taken off an outfit you were trying on because it didn’t look good with the intimates you had on underneath, you are not alone! 

It is certainly one of the most annoying features of underwear, and I think that we should stop letting them hold us back from wearing any outfit!

The really good news? 

There is not a single outfit in your closet that won’t go perfect with a thong, I promise!

Once you find the right thong and make sure it fits your body correctly, you will want to wear it under your summer dresses, pencil skirts, cut-off shorts, high wasted jeans, and even under your sweatpants!

Thongs Turn Up Your Sex Appeal

As we already discussed, thongs can make you feel incredibly sexy and confident on the inside, but you may also want to know that thongs were actually voted the sexiest style of women’s underwear on the market by men and women around the country.

So if you are trying to turn up the heat on your next date, or get a bit of that sexy spark back in your current relationship, I recommend wearing a thong under your favorite outfit so you can slip it off at the end of the night and show off your stuff!

Or if you really want to wow him, just jump into bed wearing nothing but your new favorite thong! 

Your Butt Will Look Bigger!

You read that right, wearing a thong will actually make your butt look bigger No matter what size your caboose is. Y

ou may have noticed that these days, big butts are seriously in style, so it can always do with a little extra oomph.

Most styles today are currently created to enhance the shape of your bum and make it look just a little bigger. 

The good news is, thongs will make it look oh so luscious, a little rounder, juicier, and of course, bigger. 

In a thong, you can get that Kardashian look but without the expensive implants!

This is definitely one of my personal favorite reasons, so don’t be embarrassed if it’s one of yours too. 

You can always tell your friends or your boyfriend that it’s because they are so darn comfortable.

Great for Athletic Gear

As we have learned, thongs are definitely one of the most comfortable styles of underwear; they don’t ride up, bunch up, or even move around at all! 

All of these reasons make them the perfect underwear for under your athletic gear. So next time you are in downward facing dog, on the treadmill, or kicking butt in your kickboxing class, you can feel confident and comfortable knowing your thong will stay in place.

It also helps that you won’t have any panty lines in those crazy tight Lululemon pants you just bought!

No One Can Tell What You’re Wearing

Although a thong is certainly something to show off when you want to, there is nothing worse than someone seeing your underwear when that was not your intention. 

Often when people think of thongs they envision a chick flick from the 90s when the main character’s thong kept popping out unexpectedly, which is also known as a whale’s tail. 

Of course, unless you are eighteen and trying to show off your new sexy thong, this is probably not the look you’re going for.

Don’t worry! I’m here to tell you that a whale’s tail won’t happen if you have the right size thong and jeans on! 

Thongs are basically invisible underwear, so no one will ever be able to know what kind of underwear you are wearing.